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   Chapter 132 Determination

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6735

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"Well, that's all for today's question. I have something important to announce next. Please take a careful record of my word and present the gave a faithful account of the event."

Hearing what Wilson said, all the reporters got prepared, ready to listen to his next announcement carefully.

"Because of this incident, the relationship between the Yan group and the Lin family has been severed. And I'll call off my engagement with Linda Lin. thank you for your concern. So that's the end of today's press conference. "

Then, Wilson left the group of unresponsive reporters there alone. It was not until Wilson disappeared from the venue on the ground floor that they began to realize what had happened.

"Did he just announce that you will call off the engagement with Linda?"

"It seems so."

"Call off the engagement?"

"It is a big news now."

The crowd of reporters were talking about the title of tomorrow's headline quickly.

Meanwhile, in the Mansion of the Lin Family.

Leaning in her mother's arms, Linda cried hysterically.

"Como on, sweetheart! Control yourself, don't cry! I feel the same pain as you!" Mrs. Smith tried to persuade her, and at the same time she hinted at Linda's father, Smith Lin, asking him to figure out how to comfort her.

Smith sighed and shook his head, he didn't know what to do either. The Yan group didn't even investigate and affix the responsibility for an event this time, and it was already a crime for Linda to steal business secrets. It was clear that Wilson didn't sue her because of his relationship with Linda before. But Linda and Mrs. Smith didn't understand it at all.

"I will have a talk with Wilson. You'd better stay at home for these days." With that, Smith Lin went back to his study.

Even though Smith knew it was Linda's fault, he intended to apologized to Wilson for the event. After all, Linda was his own daughter. As a father, he didn't want to see her drown in sadness like that. Therefore, no matter whether he was sure abo

the firmness on Wilson's face, Alexander didn't say anything.

"Alas, I thought I could attend you wedding ceremony. What a pity!. I'm not sure if I can make it till you get married. Alas. "

Wilson stared at his father speechlessly, which made himself feel that he was unfilial to his father.

"If you want to make it till the day of my wedding, quit smoking and drinking from now on." Seeing the upset expression on his father's face, Wilson thought for a while and said in a heavy voice, "just give me some time. I won't let you down."

"What do you mean? You get a crush on someone else? "

"Well I could tell you the truth, my you should stay calm. " Wilson was not sure if it would shock his father in an instant, so he hinted at it first.

"Just tell me. I can chill out my own." It was rare for Alexander to have such a look on his face. He knew it was something serious.

"I, I'm married."

"Okay." Alexander didn't respond. After a few seconds, he shouted, "what did you say? Have you got married? When did it happen? With whom? I didn't know it! "

He had no idea that his son had married. Not long ago, Wilson even promised to marry Linda.

Como on!

"Don't overreact." Wilson knew it was an easy thing, but he still needed to let her father prepare for it, and he was ready to chase after Joanna from now on.

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