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   Chapter 127 Have A Talk With Neil

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Updated: 2020-03-12 00:12

After doing the dishes, Rita walked out of the kitchen and saw Miller chatting with her mother happily.

Rita made much noise deliberately in order to attract her mother's attention, but she only got a complaint from her mom, "Alas, be gentle, why are you always so careless?"

Rita was speechless. She even felt a bit jealous of Miller.

Miller smiled. He turned to Mrs. Scott and said, " I have something to talk with Rita, so I'm leaving now."

"Okay." Mrs. Scott replied.

Back to her room, Rita looked at Miller in bewilderment. ' What does he want to tell me? '

"Have you talked with Neil?"

Rita froze immediately when she heard Miller's question.

Miller immediately told from her expression that Rita hadn't had a talk with Neil yet.

"Well I'm quite busy recently. " Rita said with a guilty conscience.

"I know, have you decided yet? If your parents urge you to get married, then you can't go back on your words."

"I know. I'll call Neil."

"Well, remember. It's up to you. Now I have to leave and go back for my work." Seeing that Rita was distracted, Miller patted her on the shoulder and comforted her, "don't worry. He won't blame you."


"Don't burden yourself. We all hope that you can be happy, understand?" Of course, Miller knew what she was thinking.

"Okay, I know." Rita nodded firmly.

After Miller left, Rita thought for a long time and finally dialed the numb

e said, "Neil, It seems that... "

"It seems that you get a crush on Glenn?"

Rita's eyes widened in shock and wondered why Neil knew about it. Why?

"You know it?"

"Yes." Looking at the astonished expression in Rita's eyes, Neil continued with a smile, "I overheard your talk with Miller before, so I knew it."

His tone sounded a little relaxed, and his reaction made Rita even more uneasy.

"Then why don't you ask me?"

Taking a sip of coffee, Neil thought for a while and said, "maybe, I still have a little hope. After all, you haven't known Glenn for a long time."

Rita touched the edge of the coffee cup with her finger, trying to hide her nervousness. Seeing her subtle movement, Neil smiled.

"Are you nervous to see me today?"

"Oh, no..."

"But all your reactions have shown that you are very nervous now." Rita felt so guilty to make Neil feel hurt.

He was the one who had been gentle to her since childhood.

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