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   Chapter 126 Recovery

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 4601

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Miller refused their help out of guilt.

Yesterday, Miller received a call from Rita, who asked him to go to the hospital early to help pack things up. So Miller promised to go earlier.

However, Miller slept late because he was busy with his work yesterday. As a result, he overslept.

It was Glenn who arrived at the hospital first. Miller felt a bit sorry for her.

" Where the hell are you, Miller? " Rita swore when she knew Miller was late due to oversleep.

Glenn and Neil had to go to work in the afternoon, so they left after sending Rita back home. In order to thank Miller for his help, Mrs. Scott invited him to stay for a lunch as return.

Then Miller took her stuff and followed Rita into her room.

As soon as Miller entered, he was grabbed by Rita, who looked at him fiercely. "I told you to come to the hospital earlier last night! How dare you be late? "

"Oh, my God! I'm sorry! Please forgive me!" Miller begged for pardon and explained, "I was late because of the work last night. I promise that it won't let it happen again. "

"You'd better be." Suddenly Rita realized that Miller had to work till so late because he had been taking care of her in the hospital during those days. Then she felt guilty for her tantrum.

"How is it going on? I mean your novel. " Rita was still concerned about his career.

"Wow girl? I remember you've t

ed up food for Miller.

Mrs. Scott and Miller were chatting happily.

It seemed that Rita was forgotten.

After meal, Miller intended to help do the dishes, but Mrs. Scott stopped him.

She glanced at Rita and said, "I'll leave it to you today."

"Why? "

As soon as Miller was about to do the dishes, he heard the answer from Mrs. Scott.

"You said you were totally recovered. And washing dishes is not a big deal for you. When you were in hospital, it was Miller who took care of you every day. Be a bit grateful to him! "

Thus, Rita had to clear the table without saying a word.

' Como on! ' Rita complained in her mind.

Rita made a face to Miller when her mother left for a while.


Seeing that, Miller burst into laughter. He gave a thumb-up to Rita and went to the living room.

Rita was left alone in the kitchen.

' I feel like I am a adopted kid. ' Rita thought to her own.

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