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   Chapter 125 Gentle

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"I got it." Although Joanna didn't know the reason why Wilson did this, she could not ask for his own reason.

When Joanna reached the door, she heard his voice behind her, "Joanna, I won't let anyone hurt you."

What Wilson said shocked Joanna a little bit, but she still opened the door and went out pretending to be calm.

In fact, she didn't really care if she would be wronged, but subconsciously she didn't want anything to happen to the Yan group, and she also hoped that Wilson would be troubled by these things.

When Linda arrived Wilson's office, she found Glenn was inside discussing with him. And only Joanna was outside.

At the sight of Joanna, Linda felt guilty. But the thought that she would compete with her swept away her guilt.

"Miss Linda, why are you here?" Hearing that, Joanna stood up in a hurry. She didn't know why Linda had come here at such a time. She didn't believe that Linda had stolen the information. Considering the huge influence and background of her family, it was not necessary for her to do such a thing.

But in her mind, Joanna still had some doubts about Linda. She believed that a child wouldn't lie, and it was impossible for a child to make a story out of nothing.

"Can't I come here?" Linda didn't notice her own aggressiveness.

"No, I..." Just as Joanna was going to explain, she saw Linda went straight to the office.

Since Wilson didn't like others entering his office, Joanna wanted to stop her subconsciously, but Linda had already pushed the door open.

Wilson didn't say a word when he saw the person who broke in.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Wilson. It was Miss Linda who insisted on breaking in."

Wilson raised his eyebrows said to Joanna, "you may leave now."

Joanna went out. Seeing Linda, Glenn also went out.

Neil, who were packing her personal belongings, helplessly. They chatted casually with Mr. Scott and Mrs. Scott.

The door was opened, it was Miller, "Sorry, I'm late."

As soon as he came in, he saw that all the things had been packed. Embarrassed, he touched his head and said, "Oh, you have all packed."

Seeing Miller acting like an idiot, Rita sighed. How could she have such a friend? Last night, she had called him to ask him to come here early. He didn't come, but Neil and Glenn came.

Of course, Mrs. Scott did not know her daughter's thoughts. With a smile, she held Miller's hand and said, "thank you for coming over these days."

Not daring to look at Rita's eyes, Miller lowered his head with a guilty conscience and answered, "It's okay. Rita's business is my business. We have known each other for many years."

The group of people chatted in a friendly manner. When they were going to go downstairs, Miller volunteered to carry all the things upstairs. Mrs. Scott wanted to ask Glenn and Neil to help, but she was stopped by Rita.

"No need for help. I'm sure Miller can do it."

She looked at Miller like saying, "if you dare to ask for help, just have a try."

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