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   Chapter 123 News From Jack

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In fact, Emily didn't know that the conversation between her and Linda had already been heard by Jack. He was too young to understand the subtext of those words, but he had a vague feeling that it was not a good thing.

After coming back from the kindergarten, Emily found that Jack was not as active as before, but she didn't think much about it.

Joanna was surprised to receive the phone call from Jack. Today was not weekend, why did Jack call?

"I miss you so much." The child's coquettish voice passed through the phone to Joanna's ear, she laughed.

She was still unable to deal with kids.

"Okay. When will I go to see you?"

"How about tomorrow noon? You come to the kindergarten." Jack said happily as Joanna agreed.

"Okay, then give me a call when you arrive tomorrow, okay?"


Joanna was glad that Jack told her he wanted to see her. He didn't like her before because of her family. She didn't expect him to change his attitude about her so soon. She was gratified.

While Joanna was immersed in her thoughts, Wilson made an internal call.

"Miss Joanna, please print out the relevant documents of the cooperation with KW International and send them to my office in half an hour."

"Yes, Mr. Wilson."

After sorting her thoughts out, Joanna found the documents and went to the copy room to print.

These days, she worked very hard. As for what happened that night, she shut her mouth up, as if nothing had happened.

Wilson felt uneasy. Although Joanna had already responded to him, she still didn't make a move. Wilson knew that he was in the wrong, so he could do nothing. He decided to wait.

The next day, Joanna arrived at Jack's kindergarten on time and received the phone call from him as soon as she arrived.

"Hello, auntie, have you arrived?"

"I j

only you." Jack seven innocently. He just felt it a little strange, and decided to tell her because he heard the name of Joanna.

"Okay, please keep it a secret and don't tell anyone." And Joanna had to go back to the company to tell Wilson as soon as possible.


"You should go back to sleep now. I will handle it."

Watching Jack go back to his room, Joanna turned around and left.

"Hello." Wilson's voice came from the other end of the phone, and the hands of Joanna were a little sweaty. She did not know if the loss of those documents would have any influence on the cooperation between Yan group and KW International.

"Mr. Wilson, look at your computer. Is there anything different on it? The one you took to America." Joanna said nervously, hoping that it was all right.

Sitting in the office, Wilson frowned. What did that mean? But he still took out the computer and turned it on.

Hearing that the computer was turned on, Joanna became more nervous.

"Have a look at the material about the cooperation with KW International. Is there any problem?"

Wilson opened the computer. His eyes darkened when he looked at the folder where the data was stored.

"All gone."

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