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   Chapter 121 The Determination Of Glenn

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 4797

Updated: 2020-03-10 00:37

When Glenn came in again, he saw Rita sitting on the bed and gazing at the things piled up on the bedside table absent mindedly.

Who sent them?


Hearing the voices, Rita raised her head at once. She was stunned for a long time when she saw Glenn coming in.

Looking at Rita's confused eyes, Glenn smiled. He put the water on the chair beside the bed and patted Rita's head.

"What's wrong? You forget who I am or what? " Glenn said jokingly.

'did he just touch my head?'? Rita was stunned for a while.

"Why are you here?" She glanced at the stuff on the bedside table and asked, "did you bring these?"

"Neil told me you regain your consciousness and asked me to visit you when I am free. These are good for your health. "

Belinda's eyes twitched. She touched her belly. She had gained a lot of weight after staying in hospital for several days.

Everyone came to visit her with different kinds of delicious foods and supplements.

Hence, in such a short time, Rita clearly felt that there was much more weight on her waist. She cast a glance at the food and supplement Glenn brought. She was quite speechless.

"Well, that Did you bring the whole supermarket here? I can't finish them all. You'd better take them back. " Rita tried to persuade Glenn.

"Actually I do wanted to buy out the supermarket and send all the supplements to you! What's more, you should not worry about gaining too much wei

a little relieved.

"Where is Miller?" Joanna looked around, but didn't see Miller.

"It seems that he hasn't finished his he work at home. He left a lot for taking care of me before. " Said Rita with a sneer. Miller was a writer.

Though being a top student graduated from a well-known college, Miller gave up his well-paid job and began to write novels as a writer.

In fact, both Rita and Joanna did not understand what he chose to be a writer at that time, but Miller said proudly, "You know what? I want to be free, I hate to stay in the damn office for a whole day long and get mad because of the endless paperwork.".

"He must be busy with the novel recently. He mentioned that his novel will be published soon. "

"Oh, I don't even know about it." Rita tilted her head and looked at Rita.

Joanna gave her a sidelong look.

"Oh, my bad. Don't look at me like that. It makes me so scared." The expression of Joanna made Rita shiver.

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