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   Chapter 120 The Invitation From Neil

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 4733

Updated: 2020-03-10 00:22

At the gate of the hospital, the night wind of late summer brought some coldness.

Neil was lost in thought.

He took out his phone, and dial the number of Glenn.

"Mr. Glenn, I'm Neil. I want to have a talk with you. Let's meet in 'The Departure Bar'."

They quickly reached an agreement on the meeting time. After that, Neil drove to the spot. Glenn was a little confused. Although he didn't understand why Neil wanted to meet him, he still went there on time.

When Glenn arrived there, he saw there were several empty glasses in front of Neil. It seemed that Neil had drunk a little, but he was still sober.

"Please have a seat, Mr. Glenn," Neil sat at a quiet place, which was suitable for chatting.

Glenn sat down and asked, " What's the matter?"

" You are such a frank type, Mr. Glenn. But well. Let's get down to business. "

Glenn raised his eyebrows and said in a disdainful tone, "if you want me to give up Rita, then there's nothing to talk about. "

Taking a sip of the wine, Neil said, "No! That's not what I want from you."

"Well? So what do you want?" Glenn was confused.

"I wonder if you really love Rita. She is different from the women you have flirted with before,"

"Of course I love her. " Glenn said firmly. Although he hadn't known Rita for such a long time as Neil, his love for her was beyond any doubt.

"I see. Please take care of Rita."

Glenn was confus

still doubted about Neil's advice. " He suggests me I should visit Rita? WTF? Did he really simply give up on her? "

Glenn was in a tangled thought.

The next morning, Glenn got up early. He drove to the supermarket and bought many tonics. He also bought a bunch of flowers on his way to the hospital.

When Glenn arrived at the hospital, Rita was still in sleep alone. Thus, there were only Rita and Glenn in the ward.

Glenn put the flowers he bought on the table.

Looking at Rita's peaceful sleeping face, Glenn was a little lost in thoughts. The sun shone on her face through the window. Her face was covered by the shadow of her eyelashes, which made her looked softer. Her hair looked even more beautiful in the sun. A few strands of hair covered her face, making her look more attractive.

Glenn was going to move away the hair covering on her face, but he was afraid to wake her up. So he went to get some water for Rita.

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