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   Chapter 119 He Lost Rita

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5734

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Glenn had investigated the accident on purpose. The driver didn't have the time to react when Rita rushed to the road, thus Rita had to bear all the responsibility.

Glenn had solved all the things and paid the damages for the driver.

When Glenn thought of the accident again, he swore he would never let it happen again.

As soon as Joanna returned back to China and put down her luggage, she immediately rushed to the hospital. Since that accident, Joanna called Rita every day. Though Rita claimed she was all right, Joanna was still worried about her until she met Rita personally.

As soon as Joanna opened the door, she saw Rita, like a queen, sitting on the bed and ordering Miller to do things.

"Joanna, why are you here?" Rita still thought she was supposed to work in the project in America at that time. So she didn't expect that Joanna would be back so soon.

Rita's voice drew Miller's attention. He turned around and saw Joanna standing at the door.

"Joanna, when did you come back?" Miller fetched a stool for Joanna.

"I just arrived."

"You just arrived? Why don't you go home and have a rest? It takes you such a long time to fly back from America. " Rita was surprised, but what she was moved.

During the business, Joanna must have been working hard to negotiate with the KW Group. But as soon as she went back home, she came to see Rita in the hospital immediately.

"I was worried about you, so I have to make sure you are fine."

"Well, now you see. I am fine. Just go home and take a rest, girl! Look how tired you are. Clean yourself up and then come to see me tomorrow. " Joanna looked so haggard on her face.


"Como on, Joanna!" Then Miller pulled Joan


"You better have a talk with Neil. He will understand you." Even Rita herself and Joanna could tell that there was something strange, and so did Neil, but he was unwilling to reveal it.

But if it went on like this, they would suffer.

Looking at Miller, Rita thought for a while and nodded firmly. "I see. I'll talk to Neil sometime."

Seeing that Rita lying for a rest, Miller opened the door and walked out. He decided to talk about it with Joanna first. When Miller noticed the tofu pudding in the trash bin, he could tell that Neil had been here and left just now.

Miller sighed. Since Neil didn't come in, he must have heard what Rita said.

Before that, everyone had been very optimistic about the relationship between Neil and Rita. It had been seven years, and it should be the time for their love to blossom. But Rita said that she changed her mind.

The thought of it made Miller feel pity for them.

The problem could be only solved by their own. It could not be intervened by someone else.

Then Miller called Joanna to tell her what had happened.

It's time for them to get clear about their feelings.

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