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   Chapter 118 Miss Her

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She clenched her hands, thinking that it must be because of Joanna that Wilson treated her like this. Wilson had been good to her before they went on a business trip. But during these days, his attitude towards her had changed a lot. Only Joanna stayed together with Wilson. It must be because of Joanna.

She wouldn't let Joanna take away Wilson, no matter what happened.

"Emily, I will help you as you said. The only thing you need to do is to handle Joanna." Linda called Emily.

"Okay, I'll just wait for you to say that. You just need to do what I tell you. I'll deal with the rest. I promise that Wilson will belong to you and no one can take him away from you."

"Then what should I do?"

"Didn't you tell me that the Yan group has a cooperation with KW International before?"

"Yeah, I heard about it that Wilson just signed the contract with KW International yesterday. What does it matter?"

"Can you use Wilson's laptop now?"

Linda looked at the computer on the table. "Yes. He went out just now."

Emily chuckled at the other end of the line. She was surprised that Wilson would be so careless and left without even turning off his computer. She told Linda in a hurry.

"Copy all the materials for this cooperation with KW International to the USB I gave you before." Emily had installed a computer virus in her USB, and the hacked data would be deleted automatically in a week. They couldn't find out who had done this because of the time difference. What's more, it could automatically transfer the thing in it to the computer of Emily.

In this way, she not only erased the document without anyone noticing, but also held it in her hand meticulously. Even if it was found out at that time, only Linda would be found, which had nothing to do with herself.

"Why do I need that?" Linda wondered what the document would do.

to the computer. When he saw nothing different, he turned it off as usual.

Afraid that he might find out, Linda held her breath and watched the face of Wilson. Seeing that he turned off his computer and didn't make any change, she felt relieved.

"I apologize for what happened last night. Please don't be mad at me." Seeing that Wilson kept silent, Linda took the initiative to apologize to him.

"I'm not angry. Let's pack up first. We're going out at noon." Wilson went to pack his things.

Looking at the indifferent back of Wilson, Linda almost burst into tears. But she knew it was her fault, so she held her tears and went to pack her luggage.

She packed up, got something to eat in the hotel and then headed for the airport.

In the car, Linda cautiously observed the reaction of Wilson. He looked at the scenery outside the window without any expression.

When the plane took off, Linda noticed the unusual atmosphere around Wilson, but she didn't know Wilson was afraid to take the plane. She didn't ask about it.

Wilson stared at the clouds outside the window and forced himself to ignore the sense of weightlessness. All of a sudden, he missed Joanna, missing the way she was by his side and comforting him.

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