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   Chapter 117 Temptation

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5922

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Linda kept talking to Wilson, but Wilson merely responded indifferently, without paying any attention to her.

Linda, of course, noticed his absent mindedness, but she pretended to be happy.

They had a good dinner. Without being like a spoiled lady, Linda got along well with the colleagues and the whole dinner was in harmony.

After dinner, Linda went back to the hotel with Wilson. Her face turned pale when she learned that Joanna and Wilson stayed in a single room these days.

Even though Joanna slept in the bed and Wilson on the sofa, they were still in one room.

"Miss Linda will stay here today. I've told Miss Shelly that I will go to her room." Joanna quickly packed up her things.

Wilson didn't stop her, they needed some time to be sober up.

Wilson had planned to go back the next day, but considering the presence of Linda, he had to stay for a few more days. Then Joanna went back with others.

Linda insisted on going shopping with Wilson, so Wilson didn't go to the airport.

Standing in the waiting room, her colleagues were talking about their itinerary happily. They had worried that it would be a waste of time to talk about the cooperation with the KW International. To their surprise, it went so smoothly. The decision to commute was made in the beginning, so they got more free time. Although they couldn't go to a distant place, they visited some of the scenic spots in New York.

All of them were talking about the business trip and had some fun. There would be two days paid vacation when they came back. They couldn't have a better trip this time.

"Joanna, what's wrong with you? Why are you so absent-minded?" Noticing the abnormality of Joanna, Shelly took the initiative to come over and talk to her.

"Nothing. I ju


He turned around and saw Linda's pajamas in transparent design.

Linda noticed Wilson's sight. She was glad that Emily's plan worked.

Linda stepped forward and whispered in a soft and seductive voice, "Wilson, we're engaged."

What she meant was that they could do all that they couldn't do before. She was destined to be his woman. There were some things that she didn't have to wait until they got married.

Wilson pushed Linda aside and threw his suit coat to her. Then he stood up.

"Put on the clothes." Then he looked away.

Clutching his suit, Linda was at a loss for what to do. In a daze, she called out his name, "Wilson..."

'He refused.'

"We are not married yet."

Linda couldn't believe that Wilson would reject her.

"But..." 'I don't care at all.' she thought.

"You can stay here tonight and I'll go out." Without waiting for her to finish her words, Wilson grabbed his phone and left the restaurant.

Linda lied on the ground, weeping in a low voice. She held the clothes in her hands tightly.

She was shaking. The thin clothes could not stand the wind at all. A sense of shame rose in her heart.

'It must be Joanna's fault.'

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