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   Chapter 116 Linda's Intention

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"Room service." Just as Joanna was going to ask the second time, she heard Wilson slowly said.

So she called the customer service number obediently.

He sobered up completely. He stood up and went to the bathroom to wash up. The breakfast was delivered to the room soon.

In the morning, Wilson rented a meeting room in the hotel and had a brief meeting, which naturally was about the cooperation plan with KW International yesterday.

After sending the sketch that Wilson wrote to each person's hand, Joanna also sat on a stool to read.

To her surprise, Wilson was not only good at finance, but also did a good job in writing the business plan.

No one present had an object. As a matter of fact, this cooperation plan with KW International was prepared long ago, but she did not expect that it could be passed so easily.

Although Joanna was very delighted, she still needed to check the whole process of the plan carefully. Even if the contract was successfully signed, many procedure of termination of the contract were common.

And the money wasn't a problem for the KW International. If they didn't cooperate well, the resignation was only a matter of time. They had to do the following work well.

Joanna didn't know much about these. After all, she had no idea of what Wilson had said yesterday, she just blindly memorized the manuscript. Fortunately, Wilson had asked Shelly to answer some professional questions. If he had asked Joanna, she would have been totally confused.

Swaying her legs and almost fell asleep, Wilson heard Wilson said that the meeting was over.

As usual, Joanna stayed and sorted them out.

At noon, Joanna left early to have lunch with Shelly.

The time when Wilson made the appointment with KW International was 2 o'clock in the afternoon. He handed the contract to Louis and found that there was no problem with the contract, so Louis

as the perfect fiancée for Wilson. No one else should have any fantasy of him.

"Mr. Wilson came to pick Miss Linda up as soon as he signed the contract with KW International. So I came with him."

Linda was thrilled to know that Wilson came here just after finishing his work.

"Really? Do you want to go back to the hotel and have a rest? You went to bed so late last night. Are you ok? " Linda regretted having asked Wilson to pick her up at the airport. If she had known it earlier, she wouldn't have gotten him so tired.

"I'm fine. Let's have dinner first. You should be hungry too, and then go back to the hotel."

Wilson asked Joanna to reserve seats at night for a celebration, inviting all the people to join.

Since the boss would pay for the meal as a reward, they would certainly not let go of this opportunity. Therefore, they persuaded Joanna to settle down in a decent hotel and don't care about money. Anyway, Wilson treat.

Wilson held Linda's suitcase and walked out of the airport lobby. She had been staying by his side since they met.

Then Joanna followed them in silence, as if she was an outsider.

Without a second thought, Joanna sat on the co-pilot seat, and turned her head to look at the scenery outside the window.

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