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   Chapter 115 Wilson's Kiss

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6273

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Gradually, kisses became entangled, like vines crawling to wrap her up bit by bit, as if the kisses would never be enough.

Joanna sensed that Wilson was getting closer and closer. His breath softly touched her ear, and his hot lips had moved from her lips to the ear, searching for her earlobe. Joanna couldn't help trembling and put her hands on Wilson's chest.

Being lack of oxygen for a long time, Joanna forgot how to respond.

When they were enjoying the kiss, Wilson's phone rang.

"The phone... Hm... " Hearing the voice on the phone, Joanna pushed him away at once.

The thought of the kiss made her blush with shame. She enjoyed it so much.

When Wilson saw the caller ID, his eyes flashed. He looked at Joanna who was in red and was lowering her head. He opened the screen and answered the phone.


"Wilson, are you busy now?"

It was Linda. Hearing her voice, Joanna's face got stiff.

Suddenly, he saw the expression on Joanna's face changed. 'Damn it! Finally she didn't reject me. I guess she will be the same as before.'

"Wilson, I'm going to America tomorrow. Can you pick me up?"

Wilson fixed his eyes on Joanna. He didn't know how to answer Linda. Hearing the voice of Linda, the light in Joanna's eyes dimmed.

She almost forgot that Wilson has a fiancée. How could she be so greedy for his kiss.

"Mr. Wilson, please go on with your work. I'm going to have a rest." Then she turned around and walked into her room.

Watching her walking away, Wilson wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. If the matter between him and Lin family could not be fixed, it seemed that Joanna and he would never be reconciled.

"Wilson, Wilson?" Seeing that Wilson hadn't answered her for a long time, Linda called his name.

"Ah, what's wrong?" When Wilson came back to his senses, he found that he was still talking

It was not an easy thing.

The next day, in the early morning, Joanna got up. Looking at herself in the mirror, who had big dark circles under her eyes, she sighed. 'How could I sign the contract with such a big black eye mark on my face?'

There was the same situation with Wilson. Because of the recent hard work, he went to bed very late every day. Yesterday, he had a deep fight in mind and the dark circles under his eyes naturally showed up.

After finishing her shower and walking out of her room, Joanna had changed her clothes. To her surprise, she found Wilson a little cute as he sat on the sofa with sleepy eyes.

Joanna shook her head and put aside the abnormal thoughts in her mind.

Wilson didn't wear a shirt when he was asleep, and he was half asleep now, so he sat there naked on the top body. At the sight of Wilson, Joanna blushed and reminded herself not to think too much.

"Mr. Wilson, would you like to have breakfast in the dining room downstairs or in the guest room service?"

It was not until Wilson heard Joanna's voice that he raised his head and looked at her two seconds, then looked down again.

Watching that, Joanna frowned and wondered whether Wilson had been too tired lately. He fell asleep again.

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