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   Chapter 114 Torture Each Other

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6057

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After the meal, Louis suddenly had something to deal with, so he had to order someone to send Joanna and Wilson back to the hotel and then he left in a hurry.

Along the way, they kept silent, and the atmosphere in the carriage was horribly quiet.

Getting off the car, Wilson walked directly towards the hotel without waiting for Joanna. She thanked the driver and quickly caught up with him.

Joanna felt that Wilson was angry, but she didn't know what he was angry at, she didn't ask.

Wilson was inexplicably angry as he saw Joanna packing her things casually.

She was sorting out the files that she had used, and there were some things that needed to be handled to Louis as soon as possible. She didn't notice the man behind her.

Wilson stood there quietly. A few minutes later, he still did not hear her, which made him more angry.

While he strode forward, she heard some noise behind her. Thinking that there was nothing serious with him, she passed the paper bag to him.

"Mr. Wilson, these are the details and documents you will need tomorrow."

As soon as Joanna finished her words, Wilson threw the documents in her hand out.

Looking at the flying papers, Joanna was also a little angry. It took her a long time to tidy them up, but he threw them away like that. What a waste of her energy.

"What are you doing? Don't you know it took me a long time to finish all these? " These are the files to be used tomorrow. She was going to pick up the scattered papers when her arm was held by Wilson.

"What?" The tone of Joanna was not so good. Apparently, she was a little angry.

Wilson turned to look at Joanna and said, "Don't you have any idea about my engagement to Linda? You don't care about it at all?"

"What are you talking about, Mr. Wilson? I don't understand." Joann

with me anymore. "

"No, I can't do it."

Joanna was in a trance for a while. Before she could hear what he said clearly, he pressed down his kiss like an encroaching. His thin and cold lips pressed to hers at once. His tongue fiercely opened her lips and directly went into her mouth. His kiss was like a sword, full of her mouth, which made her could hardly breathe. She couldn't even make a sound.


It was this face, which was as beautiful and pure as the sun without any makeup. She walked into his life without any signs and made his heart beat fast.

But as long as Wilson thought that such a beauty would no longer belong to him, he could not bear it.

Joanna wanted to push Wilson away, but she was held even tighter by him. She wanted to retreat, but he held her against the wall step by step. He still wouldn't let her go.

The kiss was so powerful that it almost choked her.

After a brief separation, just as Joanna was going to turn her head, she was kissed hard again all of a sudden.

Gradually, her thoughts were distracted, and she no longer resisted the kiss. Noticing that, Wilson was thrilled. He then put his hand on the back of her head to intensify the kiss.

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