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   Chapter 109 Accident

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5305

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"Glenn, stop it!"

Glenn tilted his head. Rita indeed slapped him hard.

"Rita, why can't you give me a chance to compete with Neil fairly?"

"No! " Rita looked at Glenn seriously and said, "I admit that I had a crush on you before, but since Neil came back, I have wiped out my feeling toward you."

"But don't you think it's too cruel to reject me?"

"Did we That's it. "

Rita left without any explanation.

Rita walked on the road abstractedly, but she didn't notice that there were cars running on the road.

Belinda was still in a trance when she heard the shrill horn, then she felt a burst of pain.


The car hit Rita hard. Glenn watched that Rita was hit intensely.

Glenn rushed over. Rita had passed out in the coma. Her hair was scattered all over the ground. The ferocious blood came out from her hair and stained her face. The blood was flowing out and the ground was also dyed red. It was extremely terrible.


Rita was lying on the ground, breathing weakly, as if she would perish at the next second.

Glenn's hands were shaking. He didn't dare to touch Rita. He was afraid he might make her more severe.

Glenn tried his best to stay calm.

But his hands were still shaking.

The inexplicable fear struck him, and he almost broke down.

Glenn took out his phone with her trembling hands and dialed the number to call for help.

The ambulance arrived soon. Rita was sent to the hospital.

Outside the operating room, Glenn sat quietly. His hand was covered with the blood of Rita, and his hands were shaking.

" Rita, ple

reading the document in her hand.

"What's going on? How could this happen? "

Glenn told Wilson in detail what had happened in the afternoon.

" Just wait patiently for the operation to be completed. Have you informed her family? "

"Not yet." Glenn was out of his mind and hadn't thought of that.

"Then call her family and tell them what happened. How dare you sign the permission? Can you take the responsibility if something bad happen to her?"

"Got it. I'll call her family. "

"Okay. Call me if you are in need."

Hanging up the phone, Wilson was thinking about how to tell Joanna about it. After all, Rita was her confidante. If Joanna heard about it, she would definitely feel bad.

"What's wrong with Rita? " Joanna noticed that Wilson was talking about Rita on the phone just now.

"You'd better be prepared." Said Wilson with a grave face.

"What's wrong? What happened? "

"Belinda had a car accident and is receiving emergency treatment now." Hearing that, the smile on Joanna's face froze.


A car accident?

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