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   Chapter 103 Business Trip (2)

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There was no rush hour so they arrived at the airport on time. Wilson had already sent someone to change the boarding pass.

And Wilson fixed up with everything.

Wilson sighed in his mind, 'why would I go with her? Such an idiot. I am making myself trouble. '

Joanna looked around and found no other colleagues around. She was confused and wondered whether it was only herself and Wilson.

"Mr. Wilson, What about the others? "

"They have been on the flight!" Wilson said peacefully.

"On the flight? When did they leave? " Joanna was wondering why they didn't go with Wilson. So awkward.

"Their flight took off at 8 a.m. this morning." Wilson glared at Joanna. In fact, he wanted to stay alone with her, so he asked someone to change their flight and let others go first. Anyway, it was a wise decision. "If you are on that flight, are you sure you can make it?"

Hearing what he said, Joanna lowered her head and blamed herself for overslept. If it were the flight at 8 a.m., she wouldn't definitely fail.


Wilson could see what she was thinking through her expressions. Joanna was really simple minded. If they were going to take the flight at 8 o'clock, Wilson would had called Joanna earlier. How could it be possible to miss the flight.

She was so innocent to be convinced.

Joanna was still in a daze when she sat on her seat. She didn't expect that she could sit

ilson glanced at Joanna, and continued to check the documents.

He had prepared for this cooperation for a long time, so there must be no mistake.

It was almost midnight when they arrived. However, Wilson had not rested during the flight. At that time, he was too sleepy.

As soon as they got the luggage, they saw the person sent by the American enterprise to pick them up.

Fortunately, Joanna could still handle the interpretation.

"Mr. Wilson, nice to meet you. I am the supervisor of KW group. You can call me Mike." Joanna was interpreting.

"Hello. I'm the CEO of the Yan group. This is my assistant, Miss Joanna. It's my honor to cooperate with your company."

" I believe that the contract will be successful concluded,"

"All right."

Puzzled, Mike didn't understand what Wilson meant.

"Mr. Wilson means that he hope his words will bring good luck to us. "

"Wow, I hope so!"

"It's my pleasure."

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