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   Chapter 101 Gary's Ambition

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"I feel so sorry for her. Joanna is so nice to me. " Said Cara, lowering her head.

"Don't be so sentimental. As soon as it is over, we can be together forever. " He held Cara in his arms, trying to comfort her.

Now, Cara was the best assistance for him to defeat the Yan group. He also knew that Cara was a sentimental girl.

"Of course I want to marry you, but..."

"Well, stop thinking about it. I will inform you if there is something wrong. It's late now. You should go back home. Don't come here in such a rash way again. "

"I see. I'll leave now Take care of yourself. "

After Cara left, he turned around and walked into the bedroom. He stood by the bed and looked at the woman who was sleeping.

"Emily, we are about to end our game.".

It was Gary who met Cara in secret.

Although Gary was thinking about getting married since his parents liked Emily, but he discovered the secret of Emily. The child named Jack was not Joanna's son. His mother was actually Emily.

At first, Gary noticed that Jack seemed to be unwilling to call Emily ' Auntie '. Unexpectedly, one day when he passed by Jack's room, he heard Jack ask Emily, 'when can I call you mommy?'.

He was shocked by the words and forgot to listen to carefully to their conversation. He only felt deeply hurt by the feeling of betrayal.

Then, Gary took Jack's hair and Emily's to do a paternity test, and the results were within expectations.

Jack was the child of Emily.

He clearly noticed that Emily claimed that she was still a virgin

d, he explained to her.

"Then why me?" Joanna felt upset to know that she had to go on a business travel with Wilson for so long. ...

"Because you are good at English, You can serve as my interpreter. So I could cut the cost to hire another one. "

Cut the cost?

' Come on! Though English was my second major when I was in college, But I am not sure about my interpretation skill since I have graduated for so long! ' Joanna thought to herself.

"But I haven't spoken English for a long time." Joanna felt as if she wanted to quit the job.

"It doesn't matter. I can allow you a few days off. So that you can review it at home,"

"But..." But what if Joanna screwed it up, she couldn't afford the result at all!

"Okay, that's it." Wilson interrupted Joanna while she was still thinking, "Miss Joanna, do you need to ask for leave for review?" Wilson asked thoughtfully, but Joanna knew that she couldn't refuse the job.

"No thanks, I'm okay with it." She had to accept the job reluctantly.


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