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   Chapter 97 Tangled.

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Joanna stood in front of his desk, waiting for a reply.

"Miss Joanna, do you want me to find another assistant?"

"Yes, Mr. Glenn is busy now. After your engagement ceremony, we are going to negotiate our cooperation with the American client. I'm sorry to tell you that I'm too busy to handle all these things by myself, so I advice you," Joanna said

"That's right, but I don't want to be bothered."

" I have a perfect candidate for the job."

"Really? Tell me. "

"Well, I presume Cara, who is working in the personnel department now, is absolutely capable of the position."

"I'll think about it. "

Joanna was shocked. She didn't expect that Wilson could be so easily convinced.

If Cara could be transferred to work with her, she could not only be easier in work, but also she could also have a good listener.

It would be better if Wilson could make it true.

The engagement ceremony was held at the best five-star hotel in the city H on the Friday afternoon. All those influential businessmen would present.

The parking lot of the hotel, as expected, had become a large-scale car show. The guests were all well-dressed.

The men were gentle and elegant, and the women were fashionable and gorgeous.

The ceremony naturally became a show for all the debutantes. In the meantime, the reporters who came to capture the news kept taking pictures of them. And the ladies were all so willing to present themselves.

Seeing all this, Joanna thought it was so tiring to be an assistant.

Joanna arrived at 6 o'clock in the morning. And then she started to check all the facility and then acc

d him.

"You don't understand at all. I just don't know what I should do to fight against Neil. He was nice to Rita very well, and they grew up together, so they must have a profound affection. " Glenn said in a melancholy tone.

"I think you just think too much. Now that you like Rita, you should work hard to win her love. Although they were engaged, it has been seven years. What's more, nowadays the divorce rate is sky-high, and they were just engaged. Besides, you said that Neil was nice to her. Are you afraid you can't do the same? "

"How is that possible? Of course I will be nice to her."

"That's it! Just have it a shot. To be honest, I don't know why are you tangling. "

"Is it really that simple?" Glenn was a little confused.

"How hard do you think it is? Since you really want to be with Rita, why don't you have the courage to chase after her?"

Hearing that, Glenn sat on the sofa and lost in thoughts.

However, although Wilson could solve the problem between Glenn and Rita, he was still entangling himself in his relationship with Joanna.

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