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   Chapter 95 Future Mother In-Law

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"Come on. This is not the first time that you come to my house. I heard from my mother that you went to my house as soon as you quarreled with your mother before moving out."

"How could your mother tell you about this? It must be a rumor. Absolutely!"

"Don't act shamelessly. How old are you? Don't you know that you are acting shamelessly. You know the best whether I spread the rumor or or not. "

"Well, I'm just a little unreasonable. Didn't you say that you would always spoil me?"

"All right, all right. I surrender. You say it's just a rumor, all right?" He stretched out his hand and stroked Rita's hair. With a pampering smile, he said, "That's enough. Let's go. You don't need to buy anything. My mother has told me to take you home."

Rita didn't resist anymore as Neil held her hand. Suddenly, she blurted out, "No matter what I do in the future, you must forgive me."


Although what she asked was unreasonable, it was the unique right of Rita.

Rita leaned over and looked at Neil, who was focused on driving. She was a little lost in thought. 'Since such an excellent man loves me, why should I have anything to do with other men?'

Rita felt guilty when she thought of Glenn. She thought that she had betrayed Neil.

"What's wrong? What happened? " Noticing the change of expression on her face, Neil was sure that Rita must have been unhappy about something.

"No, I'm thinking..." Suddenly, Rita changed into a smirk and leaned close to Neil, asking with a smile, "So, how's it going? Did you date some foreign beauties in the United States these years?"

"No, I have never done anything sorry to you, my conscience."

Rita didn't know how to react. She felt a little guilty as she looked at the serious look on Neil's face.

"I was just kidding. Don't be so serious."

Hearing this, Rita didn't know what to say, so she looked out of the window. Neil frowned and was thinkin

ed him into the living room.

"Hi, Rita." He smiled and walked in.

"Good morning, uncle. I'm going to have lunch with you today. Don't mind that I ate too much."

"How come? Every time you come, I can eat something delicious, and every time your aunt and I are at home, I can't eat casually. Only when you come can I relieve my desires."

"You are getting old, so please control yourself not to eat too much. Besides, there are some things that you can't eat." Neil's mother was a young lady who was good at health care. She knew it clearly about that. So she always paid attention to the health of food when she was at home. In addition, Neil's father had to run a company, which made him even more tired. That was why her mother would pay special attention to his health.

"Who cares about you if you are not my husband. Now my son is back, and I have no mood to care about you."

"Mom, forget it. I can take care of myself. You'd better take care of dad. 'You know what? Those methods of your mother are too much for ordinary people. Even though you are a dutiful son, you still don't want yourself to suffer.'

Although his mother was a very well-educated woman, she also inherited some characters that were usually inherited from mothers and wives, such as chatter.

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