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   Chapter 92 The Spy in the Yan group

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5312

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In the early morning of the second day, Joanna took the evidence that she and Rita had worked hard to obtain to meet Wilson.

"Mr. Wilson, it can prove my innocence." She handed the recorder to Wilson and said calmly.

"It seems that Miss Joanna is still very capable. I just provide you a small hint, and you can find the evidence in two days."

Joanna knew that Wilson said these words on purpose to irritate her, "Thanks to your help, otherwise I would be very distressed."

After listening to the recording, Wilson's face darkened. He didn't expect that Emily was so bold to set a plot for Yan group.

After confirming the authenticity of the evidence, the board of directors immediately held a meeting. It was to wash away the grievances for Joanna, and also to find out the spy in the Yan group.

Wilson sat on the middle, looking at the board members seriously, with his fingertips tapping the table.

"Everyone has heard the recording. What do you think?"

He asked the board for their opinions, but he had made a decision in his mind.

"Mr. Wilson, I didn't do that. I'm framed. Please trust me! " At the end of the recording, Mr. Wang, who was mentioned in the recording, blushed. Knowing that his affair had been exposed, he was still thinking about how to clear his name.

After all, he was the founding member of the Yan group, "We will know whether you are innocent by the time. Before that, I want to ask the opinions of the board. After all, it's your money that has been lost. "

"Mr. Wang was deceived ..."

"I agreed. I believe he didn't mean to do th

a silently rebuked Wilson for his haggle.

"What about pay me a meal as return?"

Joanna was surprised to hear this request. She thought he might deliberately ask for more.

"Of course it's not a big deal."

Joanna promised Wilson for a meal. Then she said ' Thanks ' and get down to her work again.

Because of insomnia last night, Rita got up late. When Neil landed and called Rita, she was still sleeping.

The ring was still loud. After a few rings, Rita roared, "you'd better have something very important to tell me, or I gotta kill you because you end my slumber."

Neil was stunned at first. Then he laughed and said, "Rita, I didn't expect you to be so impatient as before. "

After hearing Neil's familiar voice, Rita suddenly realized that Neil said he would come back today. But what's the situation now?

She moved the phone a little further and saw the time on it. It was 11 am.

"Shit, I overslept."

Neil heard the crazy voice of Rita and chuckled. As expected, she was still a naughty girl.

Neil burst into laughter.

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