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   Chapter 91 You Don't Like Me

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5600

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Rita's eyes widened. Was she kissed? When she blinked her eyes and saw Glenn enjoying himself, a sense of shame welled up in her mind.

Her hands were firmly held in his hand. And Glenn clasped her waist and pulled her towards himself.

Rita could only make a whining sound, but she had no choice. When the tip of Glenn's tongue licked the lips of Rita, she felt that Glenn shivered a bit. Then he let go of her.

Rita pushed him away, wiped her lips hard, and questioned him with anger, "you.... What are you doing? "

"What? How about we do it again? " Then he approached her.

" NO! Don't come over. Just stand there. " Rita pushed back step by step, but saw that Glenn didn't stop and approached her.

"Rita, I like you. I am serious." "Don't refuse me. I hope you can think about your own feelings towards me," said Glenn in a soft voice as he approached Rita.

"I think it's very clear that I don't like you, so you'd better don't waste your time."

"Really? If you don't like me, why do you want to ask me for help when Joanna was sued. If you don't like me, why are you so worried about me and care about my injury? " " You don't like me? Serious? " asked Glenn, staring into Rita's eyes deeply

"You, don't push me. I don't know." Rita's eyes became flustered, and her heart was inexplicably flustered.

"I can wait until you accept my love." After saying that, he left a kiss on the forehead of Rita, "good night."

Glenn took his clothes and left.

The room became quiet again. When the door was closed, Rita was still standing in a daze. It was a minute later when she came to her senses.


Sitting on the sofa, Rita quietly

t object to their love.

But later, Neil wanted to go to the United States for further development. Rita was unwilling to leave her friends and parents, so she didn't go with him. So before Neil went abroad, they were engaged, At that time, they were just high school students who had just graduated, so their classmates were pretty jealous of them.

And they also couldn't understand why Rita, such an incapable girl, could be qualified as Neil's fiancee.

After that, Neil went abroad and often contacted with Rita. However, due to his studies and family business, Neil seldom returned back to China.

After returning this time, he would not leave any more and settled down in China.

Rita had an insomnia that night, not because of the excitement of her fiance coming back, but because of the confession of Glenn, and because of his words, she began to face up to her feelings for Glenn.

But Neil was coming back. They have been separated for so many years and are going to be together again.

' Why! Why should I have to face a choice at that moment! ' Rita was entangled in her thought overnight.

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