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   Chapter 89 Saved

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5274

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Looking at the message on his phone, Glenn cursed in his heart and left the door without changing his clothes.

"Miller, come to XX bar on XX road. Joanna and I are trapped. Hurry up, hurry up. "

Of course, Glenn could feel that Rita was really in trouble, or someone like her would not ask for help.

Glenn tried to activate the car with his trebling hand holding the key, but he failed again and again. He held his hand and told himself that he must calm down before he finally activated the engine.

Glenn was racing all the way and didn't notice how much speed he had exceeded. He just wanted to be faster, a bit faster.

"This stupid woman." Glenn thumped the steering wheel hard. He never expected that Joanna and Rita went to the bar alone, and they even only texted Miller for help. Glenn guessed that Rita must have accidentally made a mistake and sent the message to him.

If something bad really happened, he would indulge in guilt in the rest of his life.

"Miss Joanna, can you explain to me what this is?" Paul, holding a recorder in his hand, looked at Joanna and Rita who were both blushed.

"Well, this..."

' Shit, what should I explain this? ' Rita felt distracted.

Paul stood up and hinted at the people next to him. Then, Joanna and Rita were taken out of the bar. Rita prayed silently in her mind that Miller would come to save her immediately.

"Wait a minute. I want to go to the restroom." In order to buy some time, Rita pretended to have the urge to piddle, "Don't play tricks on me. Get in the car! Now!"

"I'm not playing a tri


"Oh, really. When did you send it, Rita? I didn't notice."

"When I was inside the room, I saw the man notice your recorder. Ah... " Rita seemed to think of something and screamed, "the recorder is still there. You must take it back."

Then she was going to look for the recorder, but was stopped by Glenn, "Stay here, I'll do it."

Glenn checked all those gangsters who had just been knocked out on the ground, but he didn't find the recorder.

Just as Glenn was about to stand up, the man lying on the ground suddenly opened his eyes and stabbed the dagger in his hand at him. Before Glenn could dodge, he was stabbed in the arm.

Then Glenn hit his face hard. Fortunately, that man didn't stab deeper, but the blood on the left hand flowed down the arm.

"Fuck!" Glenn was bleeding, which made him a bit embarrassed in front of Rita.

Rita ran over, looked at his arm, and said worriedly, "Are you alright? Is it serious? Let's go to the hospital to check."

Seeing that Rita cared about him so much, Glenn felt moved.

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