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   Chapter 88 Was Discovered

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6069

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Joanna knew that Emily didn't like her all the time and that they had always been in a lukewarm relationship. However, she still couldn't believe that Emily would spend money to do such a thing. For what?

Joanna thought that was not as simple as that man said. 'Emily must not have done this because of Gary and me. She didn't really like him. And it seems that it has been a long time. What is the reason?'

"How did you get the secret of Yan group? It's impossible for a new comer like you to have a chance to get in touch with Wilson, right? "

"Well, what do you think? Mr. Wang of the Yan group had been bribed for a long time. Only he knew how much of the secret of the Yan group was leaked out by himself. In today's society, money solves everything. As long as they pay you money, you can do anything for them. You need more experience. " The man introduced his experience to others with a smile, and the people around him respectfully echoed.

The man's words made Joanna stunned again. Yan group actually had a spy. Did Wilson know that? He didn't say because he wanted to catch a big fish or he didn't know from the beginning?

"Rita, we didn't record the last grade. What should we do?" Joanna said worriedly. Mr. Wang had been in Yan group for a long time, and she didn't know whether Wilson would believe what she said or not.

"We can't do anything if we don't record it. Let's see what happens then. Let's go first." Rita didn't want to stay here any longer, so she asked Joanna to leave. However, she accidentally knocked over the cup of a passer-by.

"Fuck, don't you have eyes?" A tall and strong man glared at Rita fiercely, which frightened her. She knew that there were all kinds of people in this place, if things went too big, it would do her no good at all, so she apologized immed

tly, and this small action was seen by Paul, indicating the man on the side to take the bag.

"Well..." It was normal for having a resistance when a stranger took her bag away, but the man gave her a ferocious stare.

"Shut up."

Joanna had to shut up obediently.

The man poured all the things on the table. Paul saw the conspicuous recording pen in the center at a glance and reached out to take it up.

"Miss Joanna, is this yours?"

"Ah... This. " Joanna looked at Rita nervously and didn't know how to explain.

Paul ignored her words, turned on the recorder and released the recording.

"Stop it. Damn it. I was played."

"It's really strange that there are always so many affaires in this rich family. Not like us, as long as we have money, we can live a comfortable life."

With a guilty conscience, Joanna lowered her head. The conversation in the recorder was just their conversation. How to explain it now?

Paul played the recording over and over again. Every time she listened to it, Joanna felt a little cold.

Rita hid her mobile phone behind her and secretly edited the message. She wanted to ask for help with Miller, but she found that she sent it to the wrong person.

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