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   Chapter 87 Mastermind

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After thinking for a while, Joanna decided to do as Wilson said. Only in this way could she wash away her grievances.

So Joanna asked Rita to follow the man together. As soon as they got off work, they met in the company and followed the man.

The man was walking on the street quietly until he received a phone call. He became a little excited and shouted loudly on the phone.

"How can you do that? This is what we agreed before Let's meet. Don't worry. I'll be careful. "

Joanna and Rita hid a little far away, the man spoke in a loud voice, so they could hear him clearly. Looking at each other, they had a feeling that he might have gone to see the man behind the scenes, so they followed.

When they arrived at a coffee shop near the Gao group, Joanna and Rita looked at each other. As expected, it was related to the people in the Gao group. The man walked into the coffee shop.

Joanna thought for a while and asked Rita to go in first to see the situation. Because the man knew her and was afraid of being recognized.

Rita straightened her clothes and was ready to go in. As soon as she reached the door, she turned around and ran back.

"What's wrong?" Watching Rita running back in horror, Joanna wondered who she saw.

"I saw Emily meeting that man."

"What?" Did she do all this?

"What should we do now? Emily also knows me. If I go in this way, I will definitely be found." Now Rita was also a little upset.

If they couldn't get in, they couldn't know what they were talking about so that they couldn't follow in, and it would be easier to be found if they sat a seat close to them.

"Let's wait and see."

Having no choice, Rita and Joanna waited outside for the man to come out.

It wasn't long before Emily came out with her bag, and the man followed her out, looking a little angry. Seeing the man leave, Joanna and Rita

red thousand and another one million later, I didn't think too much. Who knows?" As soon as he heard his companion's words, the man became more remorseful. If he had known earlier that he would not have been so greedy for money, it would not have happened according to the procedure.

He can only blame himself.

"Then do you want my brothers to help you take revenge? It's easy to do this kind of thing to women."

"Forget it. She is the daughter-in-law of a big family, not a role you can afford to provoke. We can only take the loss. "

"What family?"

"The woman who was married by Mr. Gary."

"Oh, really. I didn't see that she is that kind of person. And the woman you talked about before... Joanna? What's their relationship? "

"It's sisters. When she came to me, she said that her sister seduced her husband. I thought that this kind of woman had no sympathy, so I helped her. Well, it's really strange that there are always so many affairs in this rich family. Not like us. As long as we have money, we can live a comfortable life. " The man talked to his companions with a smile and didn't notice that his words were heard by others.

Both Joanna and Rita were stunned. They didn't expect that Emily was such a person.

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