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   Chapter 86 Wilson's Suggestion

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Looking at Wilson standing at the door, Joanna was unable to think or move. 'Why would he come?' In order not to be so nervous, she clenched the clothes in her hand.

"Well, Mr. Wilson, why are you here?"

Seeing that Wilson had no intention of talking, it was a little embarrassed to just stand there, so Joanna broke the silence first.

"Nothing, I come here to visit my subordinate. "

"Well, then... Do you want to come in and have a seat? "

In fact, Joanna just wanted to show polite and let him go quickly, but it turned out...

"Miss Joanna, since you invited me, how can I refuse your kindness?" Without noticing the change on the face of Joanna, he went straight past her and entered the room.

Joanna stood still and thought to herself, 'Damn it! I was just pretending to invite him. Didn't he understand? I would like to refuse him.'

But as Wilson had already come in, it was impossible to let him out, so she had to close the door. She hoped that he could leave as soon as possible.

Joanna went into the kitchen to pour a cup of warm water and said, "Mr. Wilson, I'm sorry. It's the only thing I can do for you." She pretended to be polite and gentle, but in fact, what she thought was 'If you are not used to drinking it, please leave quickly.'

But as expected, Joanna had underestimated Wilson.

"It's okay. I'm not picky."

Joanna looked at the person on the sofa. 'Who always dislike the coffee I made? And who had lots of requests about eating? Only ghosts will believe that you are not picky, ' she thought.

But Wilson was her boss.

"Why did Mr. Wilson come here so late at night?" Joanna didn't believe that he was that kind of man who visited his subordinates.

"It seems that you want me to leave? Are you afraid of being known by your boyfriend? " As he spoke, Wilson eyed Joanna from head to toe.

"Oh, I didn't mean that."

Not knowing what to say for a while, Joanna was embarrassed.

"I jus

se such a person could get in and out of his office to get the materials. He didn't care about this before. But it would be terrible if something bad happened in the future.

"Will he tell you the truth? The secret person must have given him a lot of hush money. "

It was rare for Joanna to think so much, so Wilson felt delighted.

"What is more important than money?"

"More important than money? '? What else could it be?'



"Of course life is more important than money. Follow him and see if you will discover anything. If you couldn't find a way, ask your boyfriend to kidnap him." Wilson was instructing her step by step. He could tell from her surprised expression that she hadn't expected this move. Wilson had been in the business world for so many years and had dealt with all kinds of business affairs. These were just small cases.

"Will it work?" Joanna asked cautiously, thinking that the man's words were just like a soap opera.

"Nothing will happen as long as nobody die."


After Wilson left, Joanna kept thinking about what he said. Actually, she didn't want to do it. But she had only two days left. If she couldn't find the evidence, what would happen to her?

Finally, she decided to try the method according to what Wilson said.

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