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   Chapter 85 Failed To Eavesdrop

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"Well... No. " If she had evidence, she would not be as embarrassed as she was now.

"Then how do you know it's him?" Miller asked confusedly. No matter how, Wilson had lived with Joanna for such a long time. Even if he lost his memory at that time, he should know well what kind of person Joanna was. She couldn't have done that.

"That's right. It's Gary, he asked me to be his mistress, but I refused. I guess so. He wanted me to beg him. But I'm not sure, because I really don't have any evidence. " Lowering her head, Joanna was a little depressed and didn't know what to do.

"That Gary is not a human being. He used such a despicable means." said Rita angrily. She had long known that Gary was not a good man. She had thought that he was just an ignorant man, but did not expect that he would use such a mean means to deal with people.

"I'm not sure whether he did it or not. After all, I don't have any evidence."

Both Rita and Miller were silent. If there was no evidence, it was useless to say anything.

"I have an idea. How about this..." She whispered her thought in Joanna's ear.

"Will it really work? What if you get caught? " Joanna said with worry. If they were caught, things would get worse.

"You haven't even started yet. Are you afraid from the beginning?" Rita was exasperated at Joanna's failure to live up to her expectations. She patted Miller and asked, "Do you want to do it or not?"

"Then let's have a try. If Gary didn't do it, we should stop making wild guesses. Besides, Rita and I will be there too. Don't be afraid. "

After hearing what Miller said, Joanna nodded. Then she took out her phone and called Gary.

When Gary received the phone call from Joanna, he was surprised that she would call him first. Thinking


She felt quite embarrassed that she was discovered using a bug.

"Well, he didn't do that. How bad idea. It's so humiliating that I was seen through." Lying prone on the table and pretending to be dead, Joanna thought, 'It was too embarrassing that she was found in such a short time.

But how did Gary know that she had a bug?'

"But what should we do now?"

"I don't know." It was obvious that these people were well prepared. That strange man said that the time was when Joanna stayed alone, and there was no one to prove to her.

"Joanna, don't think too much. Go back to have a good rest today. You don't need to worry about it. I'm here with you, and Miller. " Rita comforted Joanna.

"She is right. Joanna, don't think too much. We can handle everything."

Afraid that something might happen to Joanna, Rita and Miller sent her home on purpose.

Wilson watched Joanna coming back with Miller and Rita. After they left, Wilson got off the car and went upstairs.

As soon as she got changed, she heard a knock on the door. Thinking that Miller might have something to tell her, she opened the door without thinking.

"Miller, don't worry about me..."

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