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   Chapter 82 Expelled

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"Gary, you are a married man now. After all, I am the nominal sister of Emily. Now, she is sitting outside. Do you think it is appropriate for you to do this?" Joanna felt disgusting when talking with Gary.

"Men are born to be dissolute. Even Emily knows it, she won't say anything."

Gary was very clear about who Emily was. She married him for money, and marriage didn't make any difference to him. Joanna was a very scheming woman,.

"I don't care if you have an affair or not. What I care is that don't harass me. You are so rich. You could fulfill your sex drive with other women as long as you pay enough. "

"I'm not interested in other women now. I'm only interested in you."

Hearing that, Joanna rolled her eyes and thought, ' Fucking disgusting! '

"I'm not interested. Get out of the way." When Gary was about to push him away, Gary caught her tightly. With a sudden burst of force, Victor dragged Emily into his arms and said erotically.

"You are so aggressive. I really want to kiss you."

He kissed her on the head.

To get rid of him, Joanna punched on his shoulder with all her strength, but it was in vain because the woman was not as strong as the man.

The sharp female voice went into the ears of Joanna, which made her forget what to do for a moment.

"What are you doing?" Sera looked at them and stared harshly at Joanna, as if she wanted to tear her apart.

Hearing that, Gary released Joanna and immediately said, "That bitch seduced me."

The words of Gary made Joanna wide eyed. He was telling a lie without any guilty. This was mere distorting the truth.


re is one more thing. You are such a bad mother. I don't think you will behave yourself well. After all, Jack are my grandson and we will raise him. Emily, why don't you take care of Jack youself? "

"I will, mom. Don't worry."

Hearing their words, Joanna gave a mocking smile. Sera not only kicked herself out of the family, also took away Jack from her and made it justifiable for Emily to adopt Jack.


When Joanna came out of the kitchen, she saw Jack looking at herself with puzzlement. She smiled, walked over to him, squatted down and patted his head, and whispered, "you should listen to mommy from now on, and remember to be a good kid."

"Where are you going?"

"I have something to do, so I can't take care of you anymore."

"How about the snack you promised to give me? Do you still remember it?"

Joanna smiled, "I know, I won't go back on my word, I will do it when I finish my work."

When Joanna walked out of the yard, she turned around and found that this place was not her home anymore.

'dad, please take care of yourself. '.

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