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   Chapter 81 The Press Conference

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But when the wedding was over, Joanna began to regret her decision to pretend to be Miller's lover. But on second thought, since it had happened, she stopped thinking about it.

Looking at the work schedule for next month, Joanna started to get tired. Glenn was back, wasn't he? ' Why should I still work as Wilson's assistant? And why should I take charge of press conference for the engagement ceremony between Wilson and Linda? '?

"Mr. Wilson, Glenn is back, isn't he? Why not transfer me back to the personnel department? " Joanna was still unwilling to be his assistant even though she got better paid on this position.

Since Wilson was going to marry Linda, Joanna didn't want to have any affairs with him. All she wanted now was to work hard and earn herself living.

"Miss Joanna, I am the boss of the company!" Wilson stared coldly at Joanna who were standing in front of him.


"Then why do you act like a superior?"

" You told me that I am only a makeshift assistant for Glenn. Now Mr. Glenn has come back. I suppose I could be transferred to the personnel department. "

"When did I say that? Do you have any evidence?" Wilson raised his eyebrows and stared at Joanna. She was too young to play tricks with him.


"Miss Joanna." He coldly interrupted Joanna, "I have the final say on Yan group, and it's up to me to decide which department you work for. Now Return to your position. "

Then Joanna went back to her seat in silence.

The press conference was set in the afternoon on Friday. As the person in charge of it, Joanna was extremely busy. The layout of the venue, and the news media presented, must be checked by Wilson.

When Linda and Wilson walked into the venue hand in hand, a soft smile appeared on their faces. All the cameras in the hall flashed.


inded. And so was Gary.

Filling her mouth with food in silence, Joanna was still thinking about the press conference in the daytime. She felt empty in her heart. Absorbed in her thought, she did not notice Gary who had been looking at her all the time.

To be honest, Gary could not believe that Joanna was a mother of a four-year-old child. His curiosity for her had never disappeared. She didn't look like a woman of easy virtue, but why had she got a baby before marriage.

He was curious about her past.

After the meal, Sera asked Joanna to clear up the table. Her father glanced at his daughter and said nothing.

Gary looked at them coldly. What an interesting family.

After clearing the table, Joanna saw Gary standing behind her the moment she turned around.

"What are you doing here? You scare me. "

" Why did you do that?"

Of course Joanna knew what he meant, but she had been used to it. "It's none of your business."

"I don't think you receive enough care in your family." Gary looked at her with a playful smile. "Have you thought about my offer before?"

Looking at his dirty face, Joanna wanted to slap him, but she gave up.

A wise woman always knows when to give in.

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