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   Chapter 78 Encounter At The Wedding

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5708

Updated: 2020-02-29 00:12

She turned around to take a look at Miller and smiled awkwardly.

Well, it was true that she was inexperienced.

Just as Joanna sat down, she heard a commotion outside the door.

It was Wilson.

He was dressed in a bespoke suit. The smooth line showed his slender legs. The woman who held his arm next to him was Linda, who also dressed up for the wedding. She looked pure and lovely in a light green gauze skirt.

The journalists rushed to greet them since they saw Wilson appear. It was a big news and more importantly, he brought a female companion. .

Joanna had seen them clearly. Linda blushed and shrank back to avoid eye contact with the cameras. Everyone would tell that they were lovers.

"Mr. Wilson, is it true that you are going to marry Miss Linda and develop a closer cooperation with her family?"

"Mr. Wilson, are you dating Miss Linda now?"

"You'll know when the time comes,"

With only this sentence, Wilson and Linda kept silent. Under the protection of bodyguards, they entered the ceremony together and left those reporters behind.

"Mr. Wilson, could you please tell us more."

"Mr. Wilson..."

The way Wilson answered questions with a smile was deeply carved in the eyes of Joanna. Now he had given all his love to that woman beside him.

Of course, Miller also noticed the reaction of Joanna. He just patted her hands and said softly, "Joanna, if you feel sad, don't look at them."

Shocked for a moment, Joanna turned to smile and said, "I'm not."

Miller caressed her head. Joanna's smile was beautiful but sorrowful.

Wilson saw them at a glance. Joanna smiled at a strange man next to her, and that man was caressing her head lovingly.

Wilson f

, but she still kept her sense of youth. The temperament between charm and innocence was even more seductive. In an instant, Glenn felt lust all over his body.

"What's wrong with you?" Rita asked again, looking at Glenn.

"Ah, nothing. Get in the car." Then he opened the door for Rita.

By the time Glenn arrived, everyone almost got there.

There were many people who were curious about Rita, but Glenn fudged them with a few words. Although Glenn claimed that Rita was his friend, everyone knew that he had a lot of lovers, but he had never brought anyone of them to a formal occasion. Therefore, the people around were all quite curious about Rita.

Joanna saw Rita standing beside Glenn. But before Joanna greeted her, Rita walked towards them with holding Glenn's arm.

"Wilson." After simple greetings, they arranged a seat for Rita beside Joanna, and then they sat down next to her.

Raising his eyebrows, Wilson took a glance at Rita, he asked, "who is that beautiful lady, Glenn?"

"You can call her Rita. Sweetie, he is Wilson. "

Hearing what Glenn said, Rita was stunned a bit. 'What? He called me sweetie?

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