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   Chapter 77 Wedding

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6032

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"You cared too much about Joanna, and that's why you got irrational for her duplicity. You've been with her for so long. Don't you know what kind of person she is? "

Wilson didn't say anything. He seemed to understand why he behaved like this. It was because of her. It was because of his cold attitude that Joanna gave up hope; it was also because he had hurtful words towards her that he said so, just to keep his own dignity.

However "Why do you know this? I haven't told you, have I?"

"Well, that..." Glenn didn't expect that Wilson would say that. "It's Rita who told me,"

"Rita?" She seemed to be the best confidante of Joanna. How do know her? "Is there anything between you two? She seemed to have slept a night in your house. "

"What the hell are you thinking about? I didn't do anything to her."

"Really? It is strange for you to say that you did nothing do her. Why did you meddle in it? " Watching the facial expressions of Glenn, Wilson confirmed his thoughts, "do you get a crush on her?"

"How could it be..." Glenn felt a little bit uncertain when he uttered these words. He wondered if he really got a crush on Rita.

"I hope you can understand youself."

Then Wilson left quietly. She wanted to let Glenn think about his feelings. Feelings were often not so easy to notice my one's own. It was time for Wilson to deal with the thing between himself and Joanna.

When Joanna got the phone call from the court, she was a little worried at first. After she hung up, she was in a daze for a long time.

Wilson withdrew the lawsuit? 'didn't he say that he was going to sue me till I return him everything as compensation?' Besides, Joanna had nearly zero possibility to win the case. Why did Wilson withdraw the lawsuit under such a good condition.

Joanna found her

ors with buffet. Early in the morning, Joanna was taken to the beauty salon for hairdressing.

The make-up on her face was perfect, and her hairstyle was elegant. After Joanna changed her clothes, Miller drove her to the ceremony.

Joanna and Miller continued to chatter on the way, "Miller. What do you think of my clothes? I think it's too sexy. "

"No problem. How many times have you repeated this?"

"All right. But you must stay with me. If I fall down, that would be so embarrassing." Joanna had never worn such high heels. She had practiced for a long time at home, but she still walked in a zigzag way.

"I know, and you have told me about it."

"I'm a little nervous."

"Why are you so nervous? You are not the bride." Miller gave her a disdainful glance, but it made her less nervous.

As soon as they arrived, Joanna was shocked. The broad grassland was full of table. As Joanna was the bride's sister, she was naturally arranged in the front.

Holding Miller's arm, they walked into the hall. Joanna was stunned. Those elegant ladies were holding wine glasses and shuttling through the crowd. She looked at her own clothes, perhaps hers would be the most traditional one.

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