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   Chapter 74 Meeting Gary Again

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"That's why you look so young. I also want you to wear like this, but my mother would say that I am not a lady." Linda smiled and complained to Joanna.

Hearing that, Joanna's eyes darkened. She had no mother by her side. If her mother was still alive, she wouldn't be treated unfair and bullied by her stepmother, nor did she have no time to dress up like this. She could only make do with it in this way.

Although Joanna was a little sad, she didn't show it on her face. She talked to Linda with a smile.

"Linda, why are you here?" A woman said. She held the man's arm and walked towards Linda.

"Emily, what a coincidence!"

The moment Joanna heard the words of Linda, she stiffened. It was Emily and Gary.

The sight of Gary reminded her of the scene in the bar, and Joanna could not help but tremble all over, and this feeling was very uncomfortable.

"What a coincidence! You are here, too." Looking at Joanna, Emily flashed a contemptuous smile, but she soon resumed her normal expression.

"Sister?" Confused, Linda asked, "What does she mean? Joanna. "

"Well... Emily is my... young sister? " Standing in front of Emily, Joanna couldn't tell a lie, so she had to tell the truth.

"Ah, why didn't you tell me that you have an elder sister before? I was impolite." Linda looked at Emily and complained.

"It doesn't matter, you know each other now, don't you? Why are you here? Don't you need to go to work? "

"I asked Joanna to come out today. I will visit Wilson's father on the weekend, so Wilson asked Joanna to come out with me."

Gary, who was silent on the other side, could not help but sink into a deep thought. He did not expect that Joanna was really Wilson's assistant. She had no financial background, no high education and working experience, but she was able to work in the Yan's group. She must have made other efforts.

have happened between them, but she didn't know. She knew very well what kind of person Gary was. He must have a crush on Joanna. As for Joanna, she would always take away the one she liked, both when they were children and when they grew up. 'Gary and I are going to get married, but she had an idea on Gary. I won't let her get away with it.

Emily didn't like Gary, either. He was a playboy with a lot of lovers outside. It would be torture for her to be jealous of every one of them. She just wanted to marry into a wealthy family. She didn't care who was her husband. So she did not intend to expose the relationship between Gary and Joanna. She had her own plan, and by that time, she would definitely make Joanna lower her head.

Linda was a simple minded woman, not like Emily. She didn't think there was something fishy about them. She thought they had left for a while. Then she continued to chat with Emily. Emily also smiled and talked to her, trying to comfort her.

But Emily was thinking about how to attract the Wilson's attention, getting rid of Gary and stepping on Joanna, let her know the consequences of robbing the things she wanted.

Looking at the person standing in front of her, Joanna showed an unhappy face.

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