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   Chapter 73 Go Shopping Together

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 5919

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"Then we will book the 'Tao's Restaurant'. Would you like it? It has a better ambience." Asked Linda, in a tone of inquiry.

"What do you think, Ms. Joanna?"

Hearing that, Joanna almost dropped her chopsticks. Why would they ask her for opinion about their topic?. Linda was a little confused by what Wilson asked. But she didn't think too much, considering that Joanna might be familiar with the restaurant, for she worked as his assistant.

"Ah, I think it's a good idea. It is quite tranquil in the Tao's Restaurant. It is a nice place for private meal, and of course it helps to keep their identity secretly."

"Really? Alright! Sounds like a good idea! "

"Okay, I'll book it when I arrive home. I'll call you then."

Wilson smiled lightly and looked at Joanna, while Joanna also replied with a smile emotionlessly. Linda didn't feel anything strange between them.

"By the way, Wilson, do you have time to go shopping with me tomorrow night? We are going to meet your father on weekend. I think it's better for me to get some new clothes. "

Joanna rolled her eyes and thought to herself, 'it's just a meeting, isn't it? Why bother to buy new clothes? Those rich girl are really prodigal. '

"I don't have time. You can invite Ms. Joanna to go with you."

"Can I, Ms. Joanna?"

Wilson looked at Joanna as a superior, of course she had to say ' Yes '.

" I'd love to. Please contact me when you are ready, Ms. Linda."

"Okay. Wilson, please allow Ms. Joanna to have a day off so as to shop with me."

Then they left together after meal. Linda directly took a taxi to go back home. Joanna and Wilson went to the company together.

"Are you nervous, Ms. Joanna?" Wilson stared forward while his eyes were fixed on the road ahead.

"What? I'

or, the saleslady was helping Linda with the dress. Her light yellow hair fell over her shoulders, making her look pure and quiet.

"Miss, you have a good taste. These are the new arrivals of our season and we just got them this morning. You looks very beautiful and elegant. " Linda was a patron of the clothing shop, so the saleswomen all knew her. But Linda decided to ask Joanna for advice.

"Joanna, what do you think?"

"It's pretty nice." Joanna answered honestly. Linda did look beautiful in this dress.

"Then I'll take this one. Please pack it for me." Linda went to the fitting room to change into her own clothes and went to the counter to pay the bill.

"Joanna, don't you take a look? The clothes here is very delicate. It's a good chance for you to award yourself for you hard work. "

"I don't need them. I don't like this kind of clothes. I like T-shirt and jeans." Joanna did like casual clothes very much, which made the match perfect and convenient. She would only feel restrained in those elegant costume. Moreover, the clothes here were so expensive, and any dress here cost tens of thousands dollars. And Joanna still had the need to save money.

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