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   Chapter 69 Emily's Schemes

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"Sit down and have breakfast."

"No, Jack will be late for kindergarten if I don't go back as soon as possible."

"Today is weekend." Hearing what he said, which made Joanna want to hit the wall right away. She even forgot that today was weekend. Was she too nervous?

"All right, I'll take it." Then she buried her head and began to eat the breakfast. It tasted so familiar.

"Last night..."

"You are drunk, so I take you back."

"Then we..."

"Nothing." He raised his head and had a meaningful smile. "Or... You want something to happen between us, but nothing happened. Are you disappointed? "

"I didn't mean that."

"Don't worry. I'm not interested in woman who gave birth. " After saying that, he lowered her head to read the newspaper again.

"……" Joanna didn't know what to say. Wilson had firmly believed that Jack belonged to her. For him, every word she said was sophistry.

She sighed, quickly finished her breakfast and cleaned herself after putting away the dishes.

After Joanna came out of the kitchen, Wilson put down the newspaper in his hand and stood in front of the window to look at the scenery outside.

"Mr. Wilson, thank you very much yesterday. I'm sorry if it caused you any trouble. I'm leaving now."

Wilson turned around and looked at the face of Joanna. He walked towards her, pinched her chin and raised her face.

"Joanna, I am really curious about what kind of woman you are."

"What are you talking about?" Joanna was confused. What did he mean by that?

"You told me that you married me just for the child's registered residence. Then why were you so nice to me then. Do you really have no feelings for me? "

'How could it be possible?' She answered quietly in her heart, but dared not speak out her true thoughts.

He had abandoned her once, and it would be easier for th

"Have you ever seen any gossip about him with other women?"

"Of course not. But what does it matter?"

"That means Wilson is not a playboy. He don't hook up with other women. If he can have a try, you will have a greater chance of success." Emily kept persuading Linda not to think too much. But in her mind, she was thinking how to make friends with Wilson. Perhaps she could become Mrs. Yan from Mrs. Gao.

She had to look for strong backer in order to marry into a wealthy family.

Emily thought she would have a better chance to get along with Linda.

"You are right. I will try my best to make Wilson fall in love with me."

"So you mean he's here to pick you up?" Thinking that she would be able to see Wilson, Emily became nervous, as if she was the Yan Family's daughter-in-law.


The moment she finished her words, her phone rang.

"Well, okay I'll be out soon. " After hanging up the phone, Linda left with Emily.

From afar, she saw Wilson, who was in a casual suit and unbuttoned his shirt, leaning against his car elegantly like a prince.

'He's so handsome and rich.' thought Emily in her mind.

"Wilson. This is my good friend, Emily." Linda introduced.

"Hello, Mr. Wilson."

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