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   Chapter 68 Be Misunderstood

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6368

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As a matter of fact, Jack would be off school at four o'clock in the afternoon. But because of her work, she had to ask him to wait for her in the kindergarten. In addition, she had to bother the teacher to take care of him. Jack's head teacher had also visited Joanna for many times. If she is really busy, she can ask Jack's father to pick him up. It can't be like this every day.

Besides, she might often have to work overtime or attend dinners with Wilson in the future, and then Jack had to stay at home.

'It was me who had to take care of him, but most of the time, Jack have to stay at home alone.' Joanna felt sorry that she didn't take good care of Jack. But it was impossible for her to send him back to Gong family. Let's put it this way. Everything would be fine when Glenn returned.

Glenn hadn't gone abroad for a long time.

"Is the child your son?"

"Well, that..." Joanna didn't know whether she should explain it or not. In fact, Emily had warned her not to expose the truth, but it was true that Jack was not her child.

"He is cute."

"Oh, thank you."

The atmosphere in the car got awkward again. They didn't talk to each other until they arrived at Rose Manor. Joanna looked out of the window and Wilson drove carefully.

Wilson parked the car at the gate of the hotel in the twilight, gave the key to the parking Valet, and took Joanna to the compartment.

"Mr. Wilson, it has been a while! Why are you so late?" A well-dressed man came up to greet him as soon as he walked in.

"I was late because I had to deal with something."

"Who is this Miss?"

"My assistant, Miss Joanna. This is Mr. Wang, a director of RY International, "

"Hello, Mr. Wang." She then politely bowed to that man.

"Mr. Wilson is so lucky. Your assistant is beautiful. Will Miss Lin be jealous if she knows this?" The sly humor in his words stiffened Joanna's body.

She wondere

was standing at the door.

He just came out of the bathroom, the water on his body had not completely dried, and he was only wearing a pair of cotton long pants. His thin and strong body was obvious. Standing at the door, the drops of water dropped from his hair into his trousers, which shocked Joanna.

'Why is she here? And what happened last night?'

"Have you seen enough?" Wilson frowned.

"Oh, sorry." She pulled the quilt to cover her face. Damn, she stared at his naked body in a daze. She must have been treated as a lascivious woman.

"Now that you are awake, get dressed and come out for breakfast Besides, you didn't cover your face until now. Is it too fake? "

Hearing these words, Joanna blushed with shame. She knew that he had misunderstood her. It was so humiliating.

After closing the door, she got off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. Since she stayed here last night, she didn't go home last night and Jack was alone at home. She had to go back as soon as possible.

When Joanna walked out of the room, she saw Wilson was turning newspapers. There were two breakfasts on the table. It was what he often did that month. The moment Joanna saw the breakfast, her eyes turned red. The warmth of the past was gone.

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