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   Chapter 67 Attend A Dinner

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"Mr. Wilson, are you looking for me?"

"Miss Joanna, you have been my assistant before, and Glenn will go abroad for a period of time. That's why I want to transfer you back. From now on, you are my assistant."

"But..." 'Why it has to be me?'

"I hope that you will not misunderstand us, or... Will be very troublesome. "

"I got it."

"This is my schedule for the next few days. There is everything you need to do. I hope you can start as soon as possible." He handed a satchel to Joanna and indicated her to go out.

Sitting on her seat, Joanna stared at the pamphlet angrily, thinking that it was not a job that a human should do. Is she an assistant? The job was for a servant.

'Shit! He is not a kid anymore. Why does he ask me to pick him up at work in the morning? I have to buy him lunch? Besides, why would she attend the dinner party as well? Well, though the last was quite good, at least I could have free meals.

But it's too much.'

Joanna on the table, pretending to die for one minute.

She just wanted to cheer herself up. It didn't matter. She only needed to stick until Glenn came back, it was much higher than her salary in the personnel department.

By that time, she would finish the work by inputting all the things into her phone reminder. If she were that busy, she wouldn't have completely forgotten what she should do. If she did something wrong, she would definitely die a horrible death.

When having lunch with Cara at noon, Joanna complained about the work arranged by Wilson.

When the phone rang, Joanna was still speaking to Cara fervently.


"Miss Joanna, come to my office at once." After finishing these words, he hung up the phone. However, Joanna was still in a daze. What was going on. Fearing that there was something important, she quickly said goodbye to Cara

id, "Mr. Wilson, please go to the XH Estate. Thank you."

The address he heard was different from where Joanna lived before. Wilson was a little surprised, but didn't show it on his face. The XH Estate was a kind of high-grade neighborhood. How could Joanna live there?

"Jack, you stay at home tonight and I have work to do. If I come back too late, you sleep well tonight, okay?"

"Yes, auntie, don't worry. I will be good. But auntie, who is this handsome brother? Is he your boyfriend? "

Jack's words startled Joanna. Were children so mature nowadays?

"Not boyfriend, but boss."

"Really? I thought he is your boyfriend. "

On the way back home, Joanna packed some food and went back home. After she arranged everything for Jack, she checked her watch. It had been more than half an hour. She was afraid that Wilson would be impatient to wait for her, so she prepared to go out.

"Jack, you can eat by yourself. I'm leaving. Put the chopsticks and bowls here if you are done. I will clean them up at home. Go to bed on time. "

"Aunt, you've become so long winded." Jack was eating on the chair, speechless with the chatter of Joanna.

"Then I'll go now." So she opened the door and went downstairs.

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