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   Chapter 63 Make A Clean Break

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Joanna sat on the ground. What Wilson said hurt her deeply. She didn't realize how ruthless Wilson was until now. Even strangers who didn't know her would not refuse to help her.

Now her expression was like she had swallowed one thousand needles, each needle was stabbing severely into her internal organs. Her blood and sadness were revealing from her eyes.

She couldn't even shed tears, but she seemed to have lost all her emotions. Now Joanna's face was more like a mask without life.

Her hope was dashed.

Seeing that Joanna was lost in thought, Richard was at a loss and forgot what he should do.

"It seems that assistant Joanna has nothing to do with you. In that case, I can do anything to her, right?"

Joanna was disgusted with his hands wandering on her body, but she didn't push him away. The words Wilson said kept on echoing in her mind, "whatever."

It turned out that she was really nothing in his heart. He just sent her home, only took her to the hospital when she was sick, and just invited her to dinner by the way. She was floating, thinking that he was really good to her.

When Richard was going to take off Joanna's clothes, the door was kicked open from the outside.

"Raise your hands, police." In a moment of chaos, a group of people in uniform rushed in.

"Mr. Richard, according to the information we got, you're involved in a murder case ten years ago. We need your cooperation with our investigation. We hope you can come with us. You can remain silent, but everything you say will be notarized as a presentation. "

He saw a pair of shiny things in his hand before he could react to the arrest warrant held in front of him.

"Are you clear?"

"Mr. Richard, please rest assured. The police cannot take action without sufficient evidence. If you have nothing to do with it, we will let you go home."

"Take him away." He ordered one of his men.

Joanna had already


Just now, she had already greeted the head teacher, but she was still worried about Jack. She was not afraid of Emily at all. What she worried was that Jack was only a child and the conflicts between adults should not involve children.

"Got it." He carried his schoolbag and ran into the classroom to play with the children.

She didn't leave for work until she saw Jack was having fun with other children.

On the way, Joanna thought about it again and again. She didn't know how to make an appointment with Wilson. It would be humiliating if she was refused.

She thought for a long time and still didn't know what to do, so she had to ask for the help of Glenn.

"Glenn, can you do me a favor?" Joanna felt a little embarrassed, because she often needed Glenn's help.

"What's it? You tell me. I will try my best to do it."

"Well... Can you help me make an appointment with Wilson? I have something to talk to him. "

"Where will you meet him? I will figure out a way to let him meet you."

"Then let's meet at the coffee shop 'August' next to the company at 8:00 this evening. Thank you. "


Holding the phone for a while, Joanna went back to her seat and began to work. This time, she wanted to make everything clear, and stop pestering.

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