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   Chapter 59 Eve And Her Son

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6594

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When Wilson was in high school, Eve and her son came back from abroad. At first, he was in a rage. But after his brother and Celine were fine with it, he calmed himself down.

When they had just come back to the Yan family, Eve and her son had been very good at pretending to be a good mother. Eve had been well behaved in front of Celine, and she hadn't dared to stir up any trouble. Besides, Richard had been very well behaved too. When he met Davis, he greeted him politely and behaved as if he and Wilson were good friends.

But after a long time, the true colors began to emerge.

Alexander and Celine were always busy with the business of the Yan group, so they were usually not at home. There were only Eve, an adult and three children at home. Eve treated her own child well, but she turned a blind eye to Davis and Wilson. Sometimes she even deliberately didn't leave food for them.

Davis was the biggest brother, but Eve was elder. He was not taught to be impolite to elder. So he said nothing. He took care of himself and Wilson.

Wilson didn't want to stand it, but his brother told him not to bring trouble to their parents. If he could solve it by himself, he didn't make it a big deal, he should learn to tolerate, forget and forgive.

However, Davis's tolerance did not make Eve be kind to them. On the contrary, she was more and more excessive.

Because of his identity as the second young master of the Yan group, Richard had recruited many students in the school, who had always played tricks on Wilson.

Being the third son of the Yan group, Wilson not only studied well but also looked handsome. Many students disliked him.

However, Wilson was not easy to deal with. He had learned some Taekwondo to strengthen his body when he was a child, which was useful, at least he wouldn't be bullied.

The head teacher knew that they had a problem with each other, but she couldn't ask too much about the specific reason. She knew that Wilson w

asked us to teach you a lesson. I just want to earn some money. Since you are the third son of the Yan group, we can get more." The underworld man squatted beside Wilson and patted his face.

"Bah!" Wilson spat at the man. Although he was very tired now, he couldn't control her anger.

The man was incensed. He stood up and kept kicking Wilson while cursed, "Damn it! I gave you respect! Fuck I will kill you today! "

One of his men stopped him. "Calm down, boss. We still have to keep him for the money. Calm down and don't be angry. "

Two million was a huge amount of money. If Wilson was killed, then two million was all gone.

"Oh, right. I almost forget it. It's all his fault." The boss of the underworld sat on a stool, waiting for Abby to bring the money.

Wilson breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the man was not in the mood to hit him again. He prayed in his heart, 'Don't come, Abby!'

When Wilson almost lost consciousness, a man came in and reported, "Boss, that woman has come."

"Bring her in." A sly light flashed across his eyes.

The next morning, Abby was pushed into the house by a group of people. When she saw the man lying on the ground with wounds all over his body, she called out in horror, "Wilson."

When she was going to rush over, a man behind her stopped her.

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