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   Chapter 56 Wilson's Bottom Line

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As time went by, Wilson had no idea why Joanna said that he had a girlfriend, but she must have seen something or heard something. 'Has she known about my blind date? But I never mentioned it to others. Could it be Linda?'

To confirm his guess, he called Linda in person.

"Hey, Wilson, why do you call me?" Linda was surprised to receive the call from Wilson. She didn't expect him to call her.

"Have you told anyone about our blind date?" Though he felt that it was not a good idea to ask her this question, he still spoke out the question in his heart.

He didn't care about other people's thoughts, but now that he had been misunderstood by Joanna, the most important thing was to remove the misunderstanding.

"No, I haven't told anyone about it. What happened?" Linda was stunned. She didn't know why he asked, but she still answered.

"Did anyone see that?" However, Linda heard Wilson's whispering.

"Oh, I remembered it now. I saw Miss Lan when we left, but I'm not sure if she has seen us. " Linda said on the phone.

"Which Miss Lan?" Wilson's heart missed a beat.

Wouldn't I be so unlucky? But Linda's words shattered all his illusions.

"It's Rita Lan,"

That was a bolt from the blue.

"I see. Bye."

Linda stared at the phone, confused. 'Why do you keep asking me this?' she wondered.

Wilson held his head and felt like weeping but had no tears. 'I can't wash myself clean even if I jump into the River.

It must be Rita who had said something to Joanna, so Joanna thought I had a girlfriend.' But Wilson didn't expect that Joanna also saw it. Even though he didn't go together with Linda, in Joanna's eyes, they were just hiding from the reporter.

When Wilson came back home, it was already ten o'clock in the evening. He took a glance at Richard who was sitting in the living room and was going to go upstairs when he heard

"Let's see who is kicked out in the end."

Wilson's eyes were filled with coldness. He wouldn't let Richard go as long as he crossed his bottom line.


Wilson smashed his fist on the glass of the bathroom. The blood drop on the ground along his finger. Looking at his face in the broken mirror, he seemed to see his elder brother, and his eyes were a little wet.


He took out his mobile phone and dialed a familiar number.

"Glenn, I want you to fix that in the shortest time, and I want Richard to spend the rest of his life in prison."

He held the phone with all her strength, still looking furious.

"Brother, I will surely take revenge for you,"

Wilson sat on the chair in the morning and looked at the photo of the familiar person on his desk. His fingertips followed the figure of that person and murmured.

"If my brother was here, he would be as handsome as I am,"

In the photo, the two looked like each other. The boy was wearing a medal in his school uniform. The taller boy put his hand on the boy's shoulder.

They smiled happily and looked into the camera.

Wilson held the photo in his arms and fell asleep. In his dream, he saw the person who had been away from him for many years.

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