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   Chapter 53 Didn't Take Care Of Herself

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6189

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Watching Wilson getting on the car and leaving with a woman, Joanna didn't know how she was feeling.

Why did he stay with a strange woman? Who is that woman?

"Joanna, what's wrong with you? Come on in. Miller is already there." As soon as Rita parked the car, she saw Joanna standing behind the big vase in the hall with a disappointed look on her face.

"Oh, nothing." She held Rita's arm and walked towards the dining room. A smile appeared on her face, but the sadness in her heart couldn't be concealed.

'He already had a girlfriend, but I was still unwilling to let him go.

Oh, I'm so vulnerable. '.

Rita also saw Wilson and Linda who was with him. Rita knew some rich girls, and Linda had a good reputation. Any parents would be in praise of her, so she was well known.

"Joanna, you still love Wilson, don't you?" Rita couldn't help asking at dinner.

"I..." Not knowing how to answer her question, she had to keep silent.

"Joanna, what's going on between you and Wilson?" Miller was also worried for Joanna. Judging from Joanna's attitude, he knew that Wilson had been really kind to her in the past. But why did he become so different after he got memories back?

"I don't know either. It turns out that he has a reason. He has a girlfriend, and of course he has to draw a clear line with other women, doesn't he?" She could see the sadness in Joanna's eyes. "In fact, I'm quite open-minded. I used to think that he hates me. Now I finally know that I am not disliked, just because he has a new life."

"Joanna..." Rita looked at Joanna worriedly.

"Well, stop talking about these things. Today is the day to celebrate my success."

Looking at the reluctant smile on Joanna's face, Rita and Miller shook their heads at the same time.

When Joanna came back home in the evening, she felt a little dizzy, but she was

na to the directors.

"Miss Joanna, why did you plan the training? Could you tell us your reasons?" One of the directors said.

"Okay." Joanna explained her ideas with a smile on her face. Wilson was so surprised at Joanna's calmness.

Even some cunning board members nodded their heads frequently. As for Joanna, she could calmly answer their questions.

In the solemn atmosphere of the meeting, only Wilson, who was absent-minded, was staring at Joanna.

Is she... sick?

Why was her face so pale and her voice so hoarse? Even her lips were dry and cracked.

She had been coughing and licking her dry lips while others were reading the document.

Her throat must hurt too, so she spoke every word carefully without being noticed.

Why does she still come to work? Doesn't she have a good rest at home?

Does she only know how to look after others but not herself?'

"I have finished my words." As soon as Joanna finished her words, a round of applause broke out in the meeting room.

Wilson finally came back to his senses.

"This training will be very successful." Encouraged by the directors around her, she felt less tired.

It was not until then that Joanna had understood how it felt to be affirmed.

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