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   Chapter 52 Fell In Love At The First Sight

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6734

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Since Wilson had promised to go on the blind date, Eve set the date with the woman as fast as she could to avoid Wilson regretting it.

When receiving Eve's call, Wilson was thinking about what kind of favor she would need.

"Hello, mother."

"Wilson! Are you busy now?" Though Eve didn't like Wilson, she did her job well in face.

"Of course, I'm busy. I'm the only one in charge of the Yan group now." The implication of these words was that the son of Eve was useless.

"Oh, you worked really hard," Of course, Eve knew what Wilson meant. Although she was upset, she continued, "didn't you agree to have blind dates last time? I made an appointment with Miss Lin for you. She will be here at 7:00 pm. Don't be late. "

Although Wilson was unwilling to go on a blind date and he was not interested in the person that Eve liked, he had always kept his promise. Since he had promised, he would definitely keep his word.

"I know. Anything else?"


Hearing that there was nothing else, Wilson hung up the phone without hesitation.

Alas, what is to come will come.

At seven o'clock in the evening, Wilson arrived at the Royal Hotel on time. Miss Lin was waiting for him. There was no sign of impatience on her face.

Her first impression was not bad.

"I'm sorry, Miss Lin. I'm late because I have to deal with some business in the company." He pulled out the chair opposite her and sat down.

"It doesn't matter. I came too early. Mr. Wilson is a successful man. Of course you will be busy. " Linda Lin answered with a smile.

Wilson had investigated her information. A typical young lady, had scanty experience of life, and was treated like a princess by her family. But she was not delicate.

She wore light make-up, and her curly hair fell over her shoulders casually. In a light blue dress, she looked beautiful. Every action of her showed the daughter of an eminent family, which, in general, was very good.

But Wilson didn't care about it. Now all he wanted was Joanna

o idea what was going on.

"I... I don't like you. Let go of me first. "

"I... Ouch... " The gang were knocked to the ground. He was lying on the floor and kept cursing, "Fuck! Who the hell would dare to disturb me?"

Seeing this, his people next to him immediately tried to help him up, but was pulled away. "Damn it, I will teach this guy a lesson today."

Then he pounced on the man in front of him. Seeing that their boss had come up, his people next to him naturally had to follow up.

Five minutes later, the leader of these gangs stood up with the help of his people. He wanted to go up again, but was stopped by one of his men.

"Boss, he is the third son of the Yan family. We can't afford to offend him."

"Shit! Rich people." The gang spat.

"I'm sorry. Money is everything. If you don't get out of here right now, I won't let you stay here anymore. " Wilson said casually, but with a sense of majesty.

The gangs looked at each other and left supporting each other.

"It's not safe for a girl to stay outside so late at night. You'd better go home now." Then Wilson turned around and left.

Looking at his retreating figure, Linda Lin fell into deep thought. 'The third young master of the Yan group?

Although it was just their first encounter, Linda Lin had fallen in love with Wilson at the first sight.

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