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   Chapter 49 Getting Worse

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The announcement of the demotion of Joanna was announced in the personnel department. Many employees gathered around to see what was going on.

"I thought she might have some powerful background."

"Would she be downgraded if she has background?"

"I've told you long ago that this kind of person won't be complacent for too long."

Listening to others' taunt, Joanna didn't feel much. She knew the truth that 'when a wall falls, everyone gives it a shove'.

Besides, it was really enviable for her to become the assistant president so easily, but she could still work in the Yan group now.

Anne was already in the human resources department when she finished packing.

"It's ten past nine. Why didn't you come earlier?" The stern tone of Anne made Joanna tense up. She had heard before that Anne was also very strict with the new comer. She would not accommodate you just because you're new.

"Sorry, I..."

"All right, just cut the crap. From today on, I'll take you here. I'll give you ten minutes to pack up your things. Your table is over there. Come here at 9:20. That's it." Anne interrupted the words of Joanna and quickly assigned the tasks. Then she returned to her office in her high heels.

What a domineering style.

The imposing manner of Anne surprised Joanna. She hoped that she could become such a person one day.

It would be better for her to pack up her belongings as soon as possible, or she would be scolded terribly if she was late for the meeting.

"Director Anne, it's all set." With the fastest speed, Joanna tidied everything. When she stood in the office, it was just 9:20.

"Good." Anne handed a document over to Joanna, "this is your month's work. Our part is busy and you could ask other colleagues. I hope you can be at the best, understand?"

"Yes." For some reason, although others always said that Joanna was very stri

ceived Rita's phone call, he agreed without hesitation.

Glenn said those words only in order to fight against her.

"I'm a person of principle. I should thank you for your help." Suddenly, Rita felt like a fool. She didn't know why she had to ask him to come here. It was okay if she invited him alone. What if he said something wrong.

"That morning..."

"Ah, Joanna, Miller, you can order whatever you want." She stopped Glenn from saying more. She was not only trying to attract the attention of Joanna and Miller, but also stared at Glenn.

What could possibly happen.

She didn't want her embarrassment that morning to be known.

"That morning? Rita, what did you do? " Even though Rita reacted quickly enough, Miller was still sensed.

"Of course not. I'm all right." Rita said in a light tone, and she also cast a glance at Glenn, telling him not to say anything recklessly.

Glenn looked at Rita and decided to follow her wish. 'Anyway, I have a lot of opportunities in the future. '

"Rita invited me to dinner as a thank-you, I said I didn't need it, but she was so enthusiastic that she called me several times. So I have to come."

Rita looked at Glenn, but she didn't know what to say. It seemed to be getting worse.

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