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   Chapter 47 What Kind Of Person You Are

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Wilson's signature pen paused, leaving a black dot on the document.

"I'm not sure if it's true. But since Gary was the fiancé of Joanna's sister, I didn't think it would be wrong." Looking at Wilson's gradually gloomy face, he plucked up courage and continued, "what do you think about this matter?"

Wilson kept silent, just staring at the documents in his hands. Nobody knew what he was thinking.

"Investigate her background. It must be very detailed." Wilson spoke slowly after a long time.

"Got it." After saying that, Glenn left. He immediately asked people to investigate Joanna.

Wilson sat in the chair. 'What kind of person was she? Did she always pretend in front of him?'

They had lived together for a very long time, but Wilson had been doing business. Therefore, there were very few people he truly believed in. Now that such rumors had spread, he had to investigate it carefully.

When Joanna came to hand in the documents, she felt very uncomfortable with the eyes of Wilson. He seldom glanced at her since he regained his memory. Why does he keep staring at her today?

Wilson quickly signed the documents and returned them to Joanna. A wicked glint flashed in his eyes. "Assistant Joanna, what kind of person are you?"

Hearing his words, Joanna paused and wondered what he meant?

"It's none of your business. You can leave now." He ignored her gaze and waved his hand to ask her to leave.

In the afternoon, an emergent meeting was needed to be held to deal with the new project. Wilson went there together with Glenn, leaving Joanna in the office.

After Wilson left, Joanna breathed a sigh of relief. She always thought Wilson was strange today, so she had better stay away from him. She had done what she was supposed to do. She had nothing to do except answering a few calls occasionally.

The elevator opened with a sound of "Ding". At the thought that Wilson came back, Joanna immediately stood up, only to


He coldly glanced at the messy clothes of Joanna, whose cheeks were flushed with anger after being humiliated.

"Brother, you're in a good mood." Wilson stared at Richard Yan rolling on the ground with a cold smile.

"Damn it! It was her who seduced me! Fire her!" Richard Yan tried to stand up. He didn't want to be looked down upon by Wilson.

"Okay," Wilson glanced at Joanna, his eyes darkened with anger.

"Thank you for your suggestion, brother. I didn't know there was such a worker in my company. You can rest assured that I will teach her a lesson." However, Wilson didn't say how to punish Joanna.

Richard Yan couldn't figure out Wilson's attitude, and he did not want to be entangled with him any longer. "Give me the money."

He didn't forget the purpose of this trip. He must get the money!

Wilson didn't talk to him, he went straight to his desk and sat down. "Miss Joanna, you can go out first. Wait for me to deal with my second elder brother's matter."

Shocked, Joanna looked at Wilson. She didn't explain as she thought he would support her, but she didn't expect him to say something like that. He knew she was not that kind of person.

The chill in her heart spread to every part of her body.

"Yes." Then she quietly turned around and left the office.

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