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   Chapter 45 What Did You Do To Me

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6580

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Rita was so drunk that she didn't have any strength. Bearing her anger, Glenn carried her on his shoulder and walked out of the door.

He has been teasing people all the time, but today he was kissed by a woman, under such circumstances. He didn't know how his gossip would spread tomorrow. A drunken woman kissed the famous assistant Mr. Glenn, and he felt that he had never been so humiliated.

Glenn purposely drove the car steadily and pressed the brake from time to time, so that Rita directly fell off the back seat.

"Do you know how to drive? Ouch! It hurts! " Rita scolded as if she was in a dream and felt uncomfortable all of a sudden.

Glenn didn't answer her. He just stared at the road with a sullen face.

Rita found a comfortable posture and went to bed. From time to time, she would say "Go on" and "Drink" such words, which made Glenn want to throw her out.

Glenn parked the car and opened the back door. When he saw Rita sleeping under the seat, he smiled and carried her out.

Rita, who was sleeping tight, was disturbed and was naturally unhappy. She waved her hands and shouted.

"Go away. Don't disturb my sleep."

Glenn was sped up. Although the department had a good sound insulation effect, Glenn was afraid of waking up neighbors.

"If you keep making trouble like this, I'll throw you onto the road."

As expected, Glenn's threatening didn't work. As soon as Rita heard him, she stopped arguing and quietly let him hold her.

'It was quite comfortable.' She thought.

Glenn threw Rita on his bed with a little movements, but she didn't wake up. After taking a look at her, he turned around, went to take a shower and changed his clothes.

When Glenn came out of the bathroom, Rita was already asleep. Her face was covered by the warm wall lamp, his anger and irritability calmed down.

Rita's skin was white and smooth, her lips was red. Since she had put on make-up for the party tonight, she looked more exquisite

ive enough?

Bah! What are you thinking about, Rita? Did she want something happen between them?

She looked at herself in the mirror and thought the former is more likely.

She was too drunk to remember anything, but that man didn't take advantage of her. This made Rita a little moved.

On the other hand, Glenn was actually a handsome guy. Both Rita and Joanna were obsessed with handsome men. She hadn't had the time to see clearly his face yet because what had just happened was too sudden. He was handsome when she thought about it.

'Well, it's very suitable to be a boyfriend.'

Suddenly she realized what she was thinking. Rita wanted to fan herself. Shit, had she been single for a long time?

It suddenly occurred to her that the man said just now that he took her home to help Joanna, then what's the relationship between him and Joanna.

She tidied up her clothes and went out of the bathroom, but Glenn was asleep again. Thinking that she might have really disturbed him last night, she did not wake him up, but turned around and walked out of the bedroom.

'Forget it. I'll talk about it when he gets up.'

Glenn woke up at 8 o'clock. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the screen.

There was a slight sound outside. He got up slowly and walked towards the source of the sound.

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