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   Chapter 42 Self-sentimental

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"Am I pretty?" Joanna kept her eyes on Wilson's face for too long.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Realizing her gaffe, Joanna immediately looked away. Embarrassed, she kept staring at him.

He drove slowly, but it's not too far away, so they arrived at the Joanna's house soon.

"Here we are. Get off." Wilson said emotionlessly.

"Well... Thank you for Sending me back. " Without him, she didn't know how to get home.

"Don't think too much. If anything happens to you in the company, it will only do harm to the company's reputation. I am doing this for the company. " Wilson said words against his will without a blink.

"I know, but thank you." Then she opened the door and got off.

'Sure enough, I have being sentimental. I thought you cared about me, although you didn't mean anything else.

I am so stupid.'

Wilson didn't leave until he saw the light in Joanna's room was on.

He lit a cigarette, rolled down the window, and let the wind blow the smoke away. The air at night was still a bit cold, and with the night breeze, Wilson tried to make himself clear of his thoughts.

'Was this right or wrong for Joanna?'

Joanna had been working with great care. On one hand, she didn't want others to have any prejudice against her. On the other hand, she didn't want to make any mistake so that Wilson would find an excuse to fire her.

After that night, Joanna kept herself away from Wilson. If she needed him to confirm the documents, she would ask others for help as much as possible, but she didn't want to ask for help all the time.

Looking at the document in her hand, finally, she knocked on the door of Wilson's office.

"Mr. Wilson, this document needs your signature." Joanna lowered her head and didn't look at him.

Wilson checked the file quickly and signed his name when he was going to give it back to her.

"Miss. Joanna, are you really hiding from me lately?" Wilson raised his eyebrows. He of course had s

d the juice for you. Don't tell anyone. Otherwise, they would make us drink together. "

Holding Joanna's hand, Rita wandered among the crowd. When she proposed a toast, she introduced Joanna, "this is my best friend. Joanna, be nice to her."

"The friend of a beautiful woman is also a beautiful woman!"

"Hello." Although she did not like this kind of occasion very much, she could not disappoint Rita. So she had to greet the crowd with a smile.

Rita was guarding Joanna, afraid that if she didn't look carefully and let others take advantage of her. Joanna was also a little frightened. Seeing that the beauties one was more exposed than the other, she shivers.

The temperature in the room was a little high, so it was naturally a little hot for Joanna wearing hoodie, and her face was reddish. It was the first time for Joanna to come to such a place. Of course she couldn't get used to it, so she asked for a leave.

Actually, Rita was going to be with her. But she couldn't let go of them because of being pestered by them. Besides, Joanna also said that she could do it by herself, so Rita let her go alone.

The man in the corner looked at her leaving, with a sinister smile on his face.

He stood up, said a few words to the people around him, and followed Joanna out.

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