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   Chapter 34 Make Things Clear With Him

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Joanna gave her male friend Miller a look. This guy was even more beautiful than a woman and acted like a woman. Since he was still a student, he was rejected by his classmates in his school days. Therefore, he joined the group formed by Joanna. Since then, they had been together for over ten years like flies and stuck together with Joanna and Rita.

"What a fortune! Go ahead to do such a good thing yourself. Why don't you marry him? Don't forget that I'm abandoned. "

Miller clamped his legs and twisted his body. He said shyly, "ouch, if he's willing to marry me, I don't care."

"My God!" Rita pretended to vomit.

These two people used to have strong opinions. Joanna wondered why did they side with one today?

'Yeah, I made a fortune. If the man, who abandoned her, was indeed in a notice, then the diamond ring is real, the Rolls-Royce and those clothes, bags and so on could be sold for buying a small house?

So, yes, she made a fortune.

But she couldn't do it.

He didn't say anything and just left. What did he take Joanna as? Before he left, he still hugged her and called her wife Intimately, and coaxed her to call him husband. How stupid she was! She had given her heart to someone without any reason, but now she was abandoned.

"Joanna, Are you unhappy? Don't you have his address on your marriage certificate? How about we find him and get it clear with him? "

Although Miller was joking, the depression on Joanna's face was evident.

Rita glared at Miller and said, "Keep silent. You are making things worse." After saying that, she turned to look at Joanna.

She said, "Joanna, in fact, Miller was right. Think about it. He can't just leave, regardless of his status. Let's make it clear. Marriage is not a game. The longer it takes, the worse it will be for you. Although he is rich, we don't covet his wealth. Do you agree with me? How about we go to see him in this way? "

Wilson was actually good except th

expectedly, the young man was seduced by Joanna and finally insisted that he did not like her but only Joanna. That was a nightmare for her.

After sending Emily and Gary away, Joanna found a better skirt out of the clothes that Wilson gave her before. There would be a big event tomorrow. Although she had never been to that kind of place, she could guess that the clothes she wore must be more important than the invitation.

If they dressed well, they might get inside without the invitation.

But it turned out that it was unnecessary for Joanna. Because the next day, when the sky had just went dark, Miller handed the invitation to Joanna.

But it was a pity that Miller got only one invitation.

Standing outside the clubhouse for a long time, Rita fixed the hair near her temples for Joanna and said, "Joanna, we can only wait for you outside. Come on, you must find him. "

Joanna had dressed up for the party tonight. She wore a dress of Chanel and a pair of high heels matched with her feet. Long hair tied back naturally and her face wore blusher, which made her look fresh, natural, pure and beautiful.

Just as she handed the invitation to the guard, she lowered her head and took a glimpse at it

The invitation looked exactly the same as the one Gary brought her yesterday!

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