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   Chapter 33 Joanna Got Rich

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6624

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Gary's face changed dramatically as he saw Joanna teach the kid.

Although he was born in a rich family, he didn't need to be fed by others. Feeling embarrassed, he pushed Emily's hand away and picked up the chicken drumsticks to Jack's bowl.

"How lovely he is! Is he at school?"

"We haven't found a good school yet. What about Mr. Gary recommend one?"

As the kid's mother, Joanna answered.

Gary had seen Joanna several times, but at first he didn't find her stunning. However, now he found that Joanna was very beautiful. She was even more beautiful and charming than Emily.

All of a sudden, an expression of nasty flashed across Gary's eyes. He said with a smile, "My uncle's daughter is the principal of a kindergarten. I will ask her about that. Oh, by the way, there will be a party in my place two days later. She should come. You could come with Emily. I will introduce you to her when the party begins. As for your tuition, there should be two free places. What do you think? "

"Okay." Joanna answered thoughtlessly.

They only chatted casually for a while, and she had registered the child's registered residence. As for looking for the kindergarten, it was naturally his real mother and grandmother's business. She responded simply because she was the nominally mother of the child.

Gary did not know why, but he thought that Joanna was moved. Gary was very pleased after he successfully made an appointment with Joanna.

In his opinion, every member of the Gong family was greedy. As for Joanna, who gave birth to children before marriage, she must be a dissolute woman in private life.

Then she went to the party. Hehe

Thought about that, Gary was very excited. He did not see how sullen the faces of Emily and her mother were.

Emily was resentful, and she had no interest in entertaining Gary for dinner. She gave a ferocious stare at Joanna, but Joanna didn't even raise her head as she was shelling the shrimps.

Sera was so furious t

dest son of the Yan family!

Joanna was flurried and had a bad feeling.

She suddenly remembered more. Wilson gave her not only the ring, but also...

The day when they went out, he saw her taking the subway and bus. He said he would give her a car. Then, she was pulled to a Rolls-Royce and she even smashed the window. She remembered she left a note in the car, but he didn't come to ask her for compensation up to now...

Wait... And the clothing, accessories, shoes and bags of some world-famous luxury brands

'Are, are they all authentic? '

At that time, she only thought that those were all from the Internet, because she saw Wilson playing her computer before. But Joanna hadn't thing too much until now.

The man she saved who was lying in pool of blood, was stupid after waking up and lost temporarily his memory, who always held her hand as if he was a pendant to seek for her care. How, how could he have such a status?

"Damn it. Why didn't I check his identity before...

before the marriage? " Rita walked over with a smile, as if she had also found a treasure.

"Wow It's so lucky of you, Joanna. It's Wilson. A lot of women are rushing to him. Just thinking about his wealth, countless women could become crazy. But you get married with him. You are his wife! Joanna, you get rich! "

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