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   Chapter 32 Who Is The Mother

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Mr. Gong breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that he didn't let Joanna down.

"Now that I've got my mother's belongings, I'll go back." Mr. Gong was going to give her a ride, but Sera stopped him.

She said "your son-in-law will come to our home tomorrow. Hurry up to get ready. Joanna is not a kid. She can find a way by herself. "

Just because of the words, Joanna had to go back alone.

But it doesn't matter for her.

Rita and her friends were waiting for her in her rental house. Escaping from here made Joanna feel a little disappointed, but more delighted.

As soon as she got back to her rental house, Joanna forgot all the grievances that she had suffered there. She quickly made dinner with his friends and had fun before they returned to home.

Actually, Rita wanted to stay with Joanna, but Joanna shook her head and let her go back. Tonight, she would get along well with what her mother had left.

After sending all her friends out, she cleaned the room. Sitting on the bed, she opened her mother's jewelry box.

She had heard from her father that the two sets of golden jewelry were given to her mother by her grandmother. As for others, Joanna didn't know where did they come from, and her father never talked about it.

When checking jewelries, she noticed that except the two sets of golden ornaments, all the other ornaments were of old colors, and one of the items was black. It must be a silver chain. Joanna intended to clean up all those jewelry overnight, one was even covered by soil.

It was put in the last place. Joanna took out a white toothpaste and washed Silver Necklace and bracelets. The original black jewelries were now shining after she washed them.

These jewelries were not much, the most serious pollution is the one stained with soil.

Joanna wiped the dirt with warm water and towel carefully. As she wiped, she was surprised

as sitting far across from Gary.

Sitting beside Gary, Emily and her daughter courteously served him food. Pretending not to see, Joanna continued to peel the shrimps for Jack.

Although Jack is a little mischievous sometimes, he behaves well today. Perhaps he had been educated before, so he called Joanna "Mom".

But it didn't matter to Joanna. Besides, he was cute and adorable.

"Mom, I want that." Jack pointed to the chicken drumstick which was put in Emily's chopsticks and ready to feed to Gary.

Jack looked at Emily firmly. All of a sudden, her heart beat faster.

He must be used to call her mom. Therefore, hearing the way he called her have made Emily feel guilty.

Not only Emily, but also Sera felt guilty.

She patted the chopsticks on the table and shouted to Joanna, "Joanna, take care of your son. Don't call Emily mom. "

Joanna felt wronged. He just said 'Mom' 'They are really guilty and fake.'

So as his mother, Joanna taught him justifiably, "Jack, don't be so rude, you know? You can't call beautiful girls mom. You want to eat chicken drumsticks, right? Be good and let me help you. "

That feeling pleased her and she wished she could be called "mommy" more often. Anyway, they knew exactly who was his mother.

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