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   Chapter 31 Hard-Won Things

Love Is Here To Stay By Bi Anhua Characters: 6493

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She looked like that she was greatly wronged.

Mr. Gong was so angry that he stamped his feet and said, "who treat you as an outsider? Sera, you should speak with conscience. I have never treated you badly for all these years. You do the counting by yourself. How many times have you done the housework? "

With a cold look on her face, Joanna thought, 'indeed, she have done such kind of thing for several times. Since my mother died, I even washed my clothes in the cold winter.' She didn't allow her to rest for two days thought her hands were scalded when cooking, After listening to her father's complaints, Sera cried even more loudly: "are you blaming me for being lazy and not doing housework?"

"Sera, could you please be reasonable?"

"Oh, you two, stop arguing. Jack is still sleeping in his bedroom. Don't forget that Gary will come to have dinner with us tomorrow. He is your son-in-law, your future dependence? "

Emily was pretty worried about her mother's greed for money. She didn't want to return the jewelry to Joanna after the registered residence of Jack was done, but Emily was scared.

Although others didn't know, Emily knew Joanna. Joanna looked vulnerable to bullying, but she was also good at playing tricks. Since she was a little girl, she had suffered from Joanna.

If her mother annoyed Joanna and she told Gary that Jack was her son, then everything would be done.

'this is a critical moment. I can't be slack off.'.

But Sera still kept crying and yelling even if Emily had persuaded her to make peace with her.

"Mom, what's the matter with you? If you go on causing trouble like this, I will break up with Gary."

Hearing the words "break up", Sera stopped.

Sera immediately turned around and ran up to Emily. She pulled her and said, "my dear daughter, why do you speak for an outsider? I'm your mother If you break up with Gary, who will I rely on for the rest of my life? "

Emily g

as worthless in her eyes. Besides, it was secretly taken out for fun by Emily when she was a kid. So far, it was covered with mud.

Sera threw it in the corner, full of disgust, and said, "This kind of cheap broken thing is worth her asking me again and again? Humph, let's go and give it to her right now. Gary would come for dinner tomorrow, if she doesn't behave well, I will punish her later. "

Finishing her words, Sera closed the box, and smashed it on the table. Then she shouted at Joanna, "Damn it! Here you are. You'd better check in front of your father today. Don't tell me that you lost anything tomorrow. I'm not that kind of narrow-minded person. I've helped you keep it for so many years, and now I've given it to you intact. "

With these words, she sat down.

Looking at the jewelry box, Joanna breathed a sigh of relief.

She finally gave it back to her, which made Joanna on the verge of tears. After so many years, she finally could take back her mother's belongings.

Refraining her excitement, Sera opened the jewelry box and checked it with her memory. When she was sure that Sera didn't take anything private, she nodded and said, "thanks, mom."

Holding the cold jewelry box, she had mixed feelings. It was a long day.

"Keep them safe in the future,"

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