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   Chapter 20 Surprise Happy Birthday

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As soon as he got home, Wilson began to implement his big plan. Looking at the clock on the wall, he found that it was already 4 o'clock in the afternoon. He should speed up his actions.

The first step was cleaning.

Wilson cleaned the house at least three times before he was satisfied. Even the sofa cloth was removed by washing in a washing machine, and it was especially dried by a drier. After that, it was carefully laid on the sofa again.

The second step was to decorate the room.

Wilson had bought a lot of colorful lights, candles, balloons and so on. Then he took out the design sketches and started to decorate them according to the instructions on it. The wall behind the sofa marked "Happy Birthday to Joanna" with the colored light, and even the color of the light was blue, which was her favorite color.

Then he decorated the room with colorful balloons, which was not so monotonous. Looking at the sofa wall, he was satisfied.

After cleaning the table, he placed the candles and ornaments he had just bought on it. To celebrate the birthday of Joanna, Wilson searched online the candles arrangement.

The third step was to cook.

Wilson had revised the menu of tonight's dinner many times. In the beginning, he wanted to make home-made dishes, after all he often ate it. Moreover, he knew what Joanna liked and what special flavor she had.

But in order to create a candlelight dinner atmosphere with candles, he decisively gave up on the homely dishes and changed to make western food.

Imagine how it would be like to have a Chinese food in the beautiful candlelight. That was just too beautiful.

All right, he just wanted to pretend to be powerful.

It was the first time for Wilson to cook Western food. He was a little nervous. If he didn't cook well, he would be laughed at. But Wilson was really good at cooking. The food he cooked for the first time or the food he often cooked were both very delicious, so the western food he cooked today was also good. Moreover, he had made so many preparations and searched a lot of information online. It was the first time that he had been as serious as today when cooking.

All he did was for the sake of an unforgettable birthday for Joanna.

At seven o'clock in the evening, Wilson finished everything, he stood at the door, looking at the fruit of the whole afternoon's hard work. Although he was very tired, as long as he thought of the smile on Joanna's face, he felt very happy. No matter how tired he was, it was worth it.

Flower, OK!

Cake, OK!

Candles, OK!

Lighting, OK!

Everything was ready, waiting for Joanna to go back home.

He turned off the lights deliberately, hoping that she could see the words on the wall as soon as Joanna opened the door.

As soon as Joanna went out of the door of the company, Melissa called, "Joanna, come out to have dinner tonight." The dreamy and brilliant voice sounded on the phone, which relieved the weariness of working for a whole day.

"What are you doing? You come to me for dinner without a reason. I don't know what you are up to." Of course Joanna knew Melissa was good to her. She hadn't contacted her for a long time and missed her so much, she made fun of her.

"Humph, how could you think of me like that. I don't have any other intentions. Today is your birthday. I just want to celebrate it for you. " The voice of Melissa sounded a little aggrieved, but Joanna indeed felt a little sorry.

"Sorry, it's my fault.

But I have something to do tonight. It's the no need to celebrate my birthday. It doesn't matter. " In fact, she was very happy that Melissa could remember her birthday. But when she thought that she had Wilson at home, she refused Melissa's invitation in the end.

"Since you have something to deal with, I won't disturb you. Today is your birthday. You must eat something delicious." Melissa exhorted her again. It was not until Joanna made fun of her as her mother that she hung up the phone. "You naughty girl.".

Her father didn't call her the whole day. Either her stepmother didn't allow him to call her, or she just forgot that today was her birthday.

Melissa always remember her brithday, but father didn't, which broke her heart. Although she should have been used to this, anyway, they were related by blood, so her heart ached.

It was almost eight o'clock when Joanna arrived at her home. When she went downstairs, she saw that the lights were off in the house, so she thought that it must be because Wilson had been asleep, so she opened the door lightly.

But when she opened the door, she was stunned.

She saw the decoration of the room. Her eyes were filled with warm tears.

Seeing the scene in front of her, Joanna even doubted that if she had entered the wrong house. Was this her home?

She cast a glance at the room and it was 302, it's right.

"Happy birthday, Joanna,"

Tears welled up in her eyes as Joanna watched Wilson smiling at her with a bunch of flowers in his hands.

Today was her birthday.

It had been many years since she last celebrated her birthday. Her mother passed away a long time ago, her stepmother didn't even care if she was ill. How could she care if she was having a birthday. Her father didn't care about her birthday at all. In fact, she couldn't remember when her birthday was. She only celebrated it occasionally with Melissa and Rita.

But now

As soon as she received the flowers from Wilson, she could not help but burst into tears.

Seeing the tears falling down, Wilson became anxious. He reached out his hand to wipe away the tears as he comforted, "Joanna, don't cry. If you don't like it, I will buy another one. Don't cry, don't cry. "

Looking at the busy face in front of her, Joanna smiled again, "I didn't cry, I was moved. Thank you. I like these flowers very much. " As she said, she smelled the flowers in his hand. "Well, they smell good."

"Moved? 'Then why did she cry? I've learned from TV that tears only come from sadness. ' Yan cangyue was confused.

"Honey, I cried because of joy. When a man is happy, he will also cry." She explained patiently, looking at the dull face.

The man in front of her was really nice to her.

Wilson placed the cake on the table, arranged candles, and pushed it to Joanna.

"Make a wish, Joanna."

With her hands folded, she closed her eyes and made a wish piously.

He stared at her eyelashes quivering and lost in thought. Since Joanna was very beautiful, she didn't like to take care of her skin, but her skin was especially good.

Opening her eyes, Joanna was shocked to see that Wilson stared at her.

"What's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that? "

"Nothing. Joanna, please blow out the candles."

Wilson said that she couldn't eat too much cake, so he only asked Joanna to have a bite of it before taking it back to the kitchen.

Watching her favorite chocolate running away, Joanna felt her heart was bleeding.

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