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   Chapter 19 Contemplation He Knows Nothing

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"Well They Yes, we are exchanging feelings." She knew Wilson well. If she didn't explain it, he wouldn't calm down and would be annoyed. So she started to talk nonsense with him.

"Why not put on their clothes if they want to communicate with each other?" Wilson still felt that it was strange for two people not to wear clothes.

"Well Not necessarily. They can exchange their feelings in clothes. " Joanna comforted herself in mind that he knew nothing. He knew nothing. He knew nothing.

The important things have to declare three times.

"Is that so?" While saying that, he turned his head sideways, as if he was thinking.

she watched Wilson thinking and felt speechless.

"Turn off it now. I need to use the computer."

"Joanna, let's exchange our feelings," Hearing what Wilson said, Joanna was frozen.

Without waiting for her response, he stood up and kissed on her lips. Noticing that Joanna didn't make any response, he put out his tongue carefully and depicted the pleasure on her lips.

Feeling Wilson's tongue on her mouth, she blushed with shame to her neck and pushed him away. She covered her mouth with her hand and stared at him in shock, "you, you..." She didn't know what to say for a moment and could only blush.

"What's wrong? I see that in TV dramas. " However, Wilson didn't think he did anything wrong, but looked at Joanna with sincerity.

"……" She couldn't even say a word because of what Wilson had said.

"Your lip is soft and sweet." His words were a bit erotic, but became a little cute when Wilson said.

She rolled her eyes and wondered what kind of TV play he watched.

"Don't watch TV series anymore." Then she left and went back to her room.

Watching her receding figure, he was confused.

Wilson saw the identity card of Joanna. At that time, she taught him how to read the information on the ID card. Knowing that her birthday was coming, he prepared a surprise for her in secret. Of course, he could make use of her friend.

Wilson's plan was passed smoothly by Rita and Melissa, and they agreed to help and keep the news from Joanna.

Wilson checked the calendar specially. It was a weekend for the day of Joanna's birthday, so he let Rita trick Joanna out with a reason, leaving Melissa and him at home to deal with everything.

"Then I'll go. Can you stay at home by yourself?" Joanna was changing her shoes at the door. She felt strange. Normally, Wilson would ask her to spend the weekend with him. Why did he agree to let her out today?

"I'm fine. Have a good time with Rita. Don't worry about me." While standing at the door, Wilson help Joanna take her bag, he joked, "honey, if you don't want to leave me, then Just kiss me. "

He even reached out her mouth to kiss him.

Joanna refused, "You can stay at home by yourself. I'm leaving." She grabbed her purse and left.

He didn't care about being rejected because he had something more important to do.

"Melissa, come here. Joanna has gone out." After Joanna left, Wilson called Melissa to let her come. He

went out to get the cake. When he came back, Melissa was just right at the door.

Then they decorated the room, and Rita was responsible for stopping Joanna from going home so early.

Actually, Rita had wanted to go shopping with Joanna for a long time, but she didn't have the chance. Even on weekend, she had to company with Wilson.

"Joanna, It's been a long time since we went shopping last time." Rita hanged Joanna's arm and leaned the weight of her body on her.

Joanna looked at Rita, knowing that she hadn't been with her for so long because of Wilson. "Okay, okay, it's my fault, let's go shopping today, okay?"

"That's a deal. Don't abandon me when Wilson calls." She remembered that Joanna had promised her to go shopping with her last time, but before they finished shopping, she got a phone call from Wilson and then left. She had to make a deal with it in advance in case the same thing happened again.

"I won't do that again." Thinking of that Wilson did not ask her to stay, she felt a little sad, but soon she abandoned this idea.

Joanna spent the whole morning accompanying her. Rita was so energetic but her legs were almost broken. She was very uncomfortable wearing flat shoes, while Rita was wearing a pair of high-heeled shoes, as if nothing had happened. Less than two minutes had passed, but Rita couldn't sit any longer, so she wanted to take Joanna to go shopping again.

"Rita, let me have a rest. My legs are tired." Joanna kneaded her legs and pleaded. "Let's grab something to eat before we continue shopping. I'm hungry, too."

Hearing that, Rita had to sit down again. "Well, let's have food first. It won't be easy to fool me later." Now that Joanna could go shopping with her, she would not let her go so easily.

While waiting for the dishes, Rita talked about gossips. "Hey, Joanna, Wilson is so handsome. Are you interested in him?" Rita said and looked at Joanna viciously.

The joke like kiss last time came to her mind. Although she knew they didn't know anything, she still blushed when she thought of it.

"Who has a crush on I I didn't. " Feeling guilty, she looked away.

In fact, she didn't know whether she had a crush on him or not. She enjoyed the present life, with his infinite love and his tenderness.

But she was not sure whether he liked her or not.

"Oh, look at your face. Anyone with eyes can see that you have a crush on her, but you still don't admit it." As the best friend of Joanna, Rita could see through everything in her eyes.

It was said that the spectators see the chess game better than the players.

"Is it that obvious?" Hearing what Rita said, Joanna wondered whether she really fell in love with Wilson?

"Isn't it obvious? Think about it. Who else do you care except me and Melissa? He is not your best friend. And he is handsome, which suits your taste. I'm not sure if you won't like him. "

"……" The meal was finished in a tangled mood of Joanna.

Rita could see that Wilson treated Joanna well, she wanted Joanna to see her heart.

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