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   Chapter 18 Discomfort Dysmenorrhea

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Wilson didn't tell his doubts to Joanna. Although he didn't want to hide anything from her, he subtly felt that he should not tell her about it.

With a pale face, Joanna walked out of the bathroom. Her period came.

Again she felt how sad it was when she was not with her family. Her heart began to cold from inside. She really hoped that someone could warm it up

Wilson opened the door with the paper bag and the key with difficulty. He just came back from a nearby supermarket.

After putting the things he bought into the kitchen and returning to the living room, he saw that Joanna was lying on the sofa and trembling, hugging herself tightly.

He froze for a second and then squatted down beside her. "Joanna, what's wrong with you?" She was fine before he went out, but why did she become like this after a while.

What's going on?

When Joanna opened her eyes, she found Wilson was looking at her. She shook her head weakly to show she was fine.

He held her up from the sofa and said anxiously, "I'm taking you to the hospital. Can you tolerate a little bit longer, Joanna?"

"It's just dysmenorrhea. I don't need to go to the hospital..." She was in his arms. Seeing that he was worried about her, she suddenly felt that the pain was not so unbearable.

"Dysmenorrhea? Then what should I do Are you feeling bad? " For Wilson, this kind of disease was like a hieroglyphic. He knew nothing about it.

"I'm fine," Her voice was light and weak, as if she had been tortured by pain.

"You're shaking all over, but you said you're fine. Let me send you to the hospital." After that, he held tight to Joanna and strode to the door.

Joanna released her hands from her belly and pulled Wilson's arm to stop him, "I just feel cold. I really don't need to go to the hospital."

She felt ashamed at the thought of being sent to the hospital by a man because of dysmenorrhea. She didn't want to be so ashamed.

She knew her body well. Her dysmenorrhea was not that serious. She just needed to pay attention to keep warm and drink more hot water.

Being taken care by Wilson, she felt much less pain.

It felt good to be cared about by someone.

Her mother passed away at a young age, and her father married her stepmother. Since then, she had learned to endure everything on her own. Although Melissa and Rita were her best friends, she couldn't ask them for help anytime.

She was a human being, and she would be helpless. But she had no one to take care of her, so she had to grit her teeth and insist. Deep inside her heart, she still hoped that someone could care about her and warm her.

Seeing that there was a trace of blood on Joanna's face, and her body was no longer shaking heavily, he decided to believe her temporarily and take her into the room, holding her tightly in his arms.

Looking at the man who held her, his eyes were full of endless care and tenderness, and his hands were holding her tightly. She sobbed as she was to

uched. She rested her head on his shoulder and said, "thank you. I feel much better now."

She felt his warmth not only warmed her body, but also her heart. She didn't want him to release her. She wanted to hold him like this all the time.

The scene was like a dream, so beautiful and warm.

Two hearts together, playing the most beautiful music, listening, she felt the pain more and more far away

In her dream, she felt his hands and his worried eyes.

How could she not fall in love with such a gentle and considerate man? Who doesn't want to keep it for himself?

Since this incident, the relationship between Joanna and Wilson had improved significantly.

In the past, Wilson was obedient to Joanna. But since he saw the feeble and helpless side of her last time, the mature side of him woke up. He began to treat her with a spoiling attitude, treating her like a little girl and doting on her.

He was willing to spoil her day and night, so did Joanna and Xia. Or to be more specific, she had been longing to be treated like this and taken good care of.

She often blushed and her heart beat fast because of his little actions, and her heart was filled with infinite joy.

Although Wilson has lost his memory, she have to admit that he is very smart. Every time he has any questions that he does not understand, he will ask Joanna or check informations himself.

Last time when Joanna had a dysmenorrhea, Wilson asked her about what had happened to her. But she was too embarrassed to tell him directly, so she gave him a thick book and hid herself in her bedroom.

It was titled family medicine

He read that book carefully and told Joanna that it was caused by her weak constitution. He thought it could improve her physique by practicing the methods in the book.

Wilson said in a serious way, which made Joanna's face turn red.

One day, while I was playing games on the sofa, Wilson accidentally browsed on a strange website.

He suddenly remembered what happened in the cinema not long ago.

Thinking of this, Wilson blushed.

As soon as Joanna came out of the room, she heard a strange noise, which was not loud but was particularly clear in a quiet room.

Wilson looked at the computer screen and didn't notice her.

Puzzled, Joanna walked over. The moment she saw the computer screen, she was so angry that she almost vomited blood. Damn it, he was looking at

"Wilson, why are you using my computer?"

Suddenly Wilson saw the serious expression on Joanna, and his doubts convinced him to ignore the blushing on her face. "Joanna, these two people are so strange? What are they doing? "

At this time, Joanna was embarrassed and she almost forgot that Wilson was an idiot now. He definitely didn't know what this was.

But Joanna was still very angry. He was watching a movie, using her computer. It was okay, anyway. How dare he ask her for what they were doing.

God, what did she do to deserve meet this idiot.

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